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  • AFRY helps aluminum producer Hydro to reduce its climate footprint with the help of AI

AFRY helps aluminum producer Hydro to reduce its climate footprint with the help of AI

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With the help of AI, Artificial Intelligence, AFRY can reduce the climate footprint of aluminum production for one of our customers, Hydro Extrusion Sweden AB. AI contributes to optimizing production processes, which means that sustainability goals can be reached more quickly.

AFRY is helping Hydro use artificial intelligence to analyze production data, with the aim of reducing waste, increasing quality and, perhaps most importantly, reducing the climate footprint. AFRY has analyzed both historical and new production data to provide Hydro with AI-supported process insights. Now the assignment becomes public.

Hydro is a world-leading aluminum and energy company that develops natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways.

Industrial IoT and AI are powerful tools to increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. In the project, which has been ongoing since 2021, AFRY assists Hydro with applying AI to production data. The goal is to create a more automated production where the process is regulated via data-driven decisions with the help of AI.

"AI gives us the ability to support our manufacturing process by recommending production settings for specific products in advance, to minimize cassation. Had Hydro had the insight we now have, thanks to this project, we would have started this work much earlier”, says Jonas Bjuhr, CEO of Hydro.

The project is now entering the next phase, which means optimization of process parameters, that will lead to reduced material consumption, improved quality, a more efficient process, lower production costs and reduced climate footprint.

“We are on our way to getting a unique recipe that shows how all parameters should be optimally set for each unique product to be as good as possible”, says Mats Borneling, AI project manager at Hydro Extrusion Sweden AB.

Applying AI in the heavy industry sector helps customers optimize their production processes to reach their sustainability goals more quickly.

“I'm so proud that we accelerate the transition to a sustainable society and sustainable industry through this collaboration” says Mattias Andreassen, Head of Business Area Buildings, AFRY. 

“At AFRY, we have specialized in pursuing digitalization and AI projects because it is one of the solutions to a more sustainable future in all sectors of society. The project has delivered significant value and shown clear future potential", says Lukas Karlsson, Data Scientist and Technical Lead of the project at AFRY.

For further information, please contact:

Anna Magni, Head of Communications, Infrastructure

+46 10 505 39 74, anna.magni@afry.com

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