State-of-the-art equipment puts Pakistan in the forefront

ÅF has been engaged for the development of a feasibility study including state-of-the-art equipment that shall put Pakistan in the forefront of the smart grids technoligies.


ÅF has been engaged by the Asian Development Bank for the development of a feasibility study for the implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions, billing system, and Customer Information System (CIS) in IESCO and LESCO, in Pakistan. The total project cost is estimated in 400MUSD and the consultancy fees are worth 1MUSD and shall include state-of-the-art equipment and software that shall put Pakistan in the forefront of the smart grids technologies in the Central and South Asian region. 

The project shall be implemented in selected areas (for AMI) and the entire DISCOs for the billings system and CIS. The project comprises the analysis and provision of recommendation and guidance on the following elements:

  • Smart meters
  • Communications infrastructure (several options were analysed)
  • AMI systems including by Head End System (HES)
  • Management Data Systems (MDMS)
  • Billing system with a CIS integrated with the AMI systems so that the ‘Meter to Cash’ process is fully automated and requires no manual participation.


Finally, three levels of training are included in the project in order to ensure a successful knowledge transfer to the local operators.

Among the benefits of the project, the following can be pointed out; a) 5-6% energy sales increase, b) elimination of commercial debt, c) introduction of prepayment options, d) reduction of outages by means of solidary share of existing generation capacity.

For further information, contact Miguel Hernandez.