Agellis receives order for 140 KEuro from a European steel plant

Agellis Group AB has received an order totaling 140 KEuro for a measuring system, including a three year support agreement, from a steelworks in Europe.

The order relates to the Agellis measurement system “EMLI-SIE” a slag indication system for electric arc furnaces. The system helps the plant to tap steel from their electric arc furnace while preventing large amounts of slag entering the ladle. Reducing slag carryover from the electric arc furnace assists a more stable secondary processing of the steel and reduces consumption of additives.

Delivery of the system will take place during the third quarter and commissioning is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015. The support agreement will run for three years and includes the supply of sensors and a preventive maintenance program.

"The order was preceded by a short plant trial which demonstrated that the benefits of using an Agellis slag indication system could be easily be shown”, says Patrik Bloemer, CEO of Agellis."

For competitive reasons Agellis chooses not to mention the end user plant by name.

“All Agellis products are based on a common electronic platform called EMLI. EMLI SIE (Slag Indication EAF) generates an alarm with high sensitivity and reliability when slag enters the tapping stream from the electric arc furnace. Minimizing the amount of slag from the furnace assists a more stable secondary processing of the steel and reduces consumption of additives.”

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Patrik Bloemer, CEO, Agellis
Telephone: 46 46-101 363, cell: 46 733-170 843      

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