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  • Finnish lighting manufacturer Aicci gave a novel twist to tables – introducing an elegant table with smart luminaire features

Finnish lighting manufacturer Aicci gave a novel twist to tables – introducing an elegant table with smart luminaire features

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The Finnish manufacturer of lights Aicci combined the properties of a table and a smart luminaire to introduce Aicci T1 table series developed by the company. The top panel of these elegant tables is a smart control lighting fixture, which can be beautifully illuminated on both sides. The products are manufactured in Muurame, Central Finland.

Aicci T1 tables offer a new type of freedom for the furnishing and illumination of areas important for comfort, stimulation or rest. The tables in these design table series with wireless lighting control can lead people into the room, invite them around, catch the eye, complete the interior decor and create an atmosphere.

"Our aim was to develop a high-quality light, which would be different from all the other products available on the market. We were so successful that we protected our unique idea by a patent. What makes me especially proud are the finishing details and functionality of the ready product," says Sauli Koukkari, the entrepreneur behind Aicci Oy.

The attraction of this pleasantly illuminating table can be attributed to a combination of glare-free indirect light and direct light emitted across the whole tabletop. Aicci T1 tables with timed illumination used in the bedroom serve as an excellent wakeup light and a softly calming illumination at bedtime. Due to their sleek design, these tables can be used as sofa or side tables, or as table sets, used individually or in various groups.

The lighting control Casambi used in Aicci T1 tables has been developed in Finland. The lights can be controlled individually or in groups by means of iOs and Android smart devices: telephones, pads and watches manually, with a timer or automatically with detectors, but also with traditional wall-mounted switches. The lighting control is easy to use: simply insert the plug into a socket, download and run the Casambi app. The sources of light are adjustable white (2000 – 6500K) or coloured (RGB) LEDs. The tables are available in five sizes. Frames are available in black and white colour.

"Being sensitive to light, it was wonderful to wake up to a light that became brighter little by little, but without glare, and to return to a home softly illuminated by the tables, and to relax at night in a gentle light as we were test-running these tables. The beautiful coloured lights of these tables have completely altered my ideas of coloured lighting in home illumination," says the member of the product development team, interior designer Päivi Charpentier.

Aicci T1 tables are part of the new Aicci Light in Table product group and concept. Aicci is oppening a webstore for the sales of these products and the company is looking for cooperation partners and resellers in Finland and Europe.

Link to press release 11.5.2020 and Aicci image bank https://www.aicci.fi/press-release-20200511/

photo: Aicci T1 table, sizes S and M

AICCI is a brand representing the Nordic lifestyle as well as a Finnish company, which was founded by Sauli Koukkari in 2006 in Jyväskylä to design and manufacture special lighting fixtures. Sauli's commitment and vision are still at the core of the company. Aicci has been built with determination to create lighting solutions, which move the boundaries of lighting technologies and keep the company at the forefront of lighting innovations. Today all Aicci products are characterized by a unique combination of pleasant light, timeless design and unequalled craftsmanship. In 2020 our business will internationalize and expand from lighting services for professionals to consumer products along with the new Aicci Light in Table product concept. Our internationalization project is carried out with the support of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland.

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