AIFM Group expands Nordic presence with AuAg funds.

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Sweden-based fund company AIFM Group (“AIFM”) has expanded the Nordic presence of their AuAg-branded funds. Both AuAg Silver Bullet and AuAg Precious Green are now available to retail investors in Finland, Norway, and Denmark. AIFM marks this Nordic expansion of the AuAg-branded funds as the first step of bringing their wide variety of investment products abroad and throughout Europe.

Jonathan Taylor, Chief Operations Officer at AIFM, is enthusiastic about bringing the AuAg funds abroad. “We have seen persistent interest in the AuAg brand among investors in Sweden and expect similar success across Europe. In 2020, AuAg Silver Bullet succeeded in providing investors a lucrative opportunity to diversify between asset classes during challenging times. We see this sentiment shared among European investors, and so it is exciting to bring both products abroad” says Taylor.

AIFM's collaboration with AuAg Fonder’s Eric Strand began in 2019 when they joined forces to bring bold and innovative funds that focus on precious metals and green-tech-elements to market. In November 2019, AIFM launched AuAg Silver Bullet, the one and only UCITS-fund in Europe with a specialized focus on global silver mining exposure. Total AUM for both funds as of March 1, 2021 is 1.2 Billion SEK (€120M).

AIFM launched AuAg Precious Green in September 2020 and has already earned 353 MSEK in AUM. The fund invests 60% of the portfolio in the “green-tech” sector and the remaining 40% is allocated to the precious metals sector with a focus on gold.

AIFM Group is a European asset manager and independent fund company offering a fully compliant, comprehensive infrastructure for portfolio managers and investment professionals. AIFM also delivers premier risk management, administration, valuation, and accounting services to fund companies and financial institutions.

For more information about AIFM Group, visit or contact Jonathan Taylor at or +46 73-532 18 83.

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