Air Charter Service flew almost a quarter of a million passengers in 2013

Leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has revealed that during its last financial year (Feb 1st-Jan 31st) the company carried more than 230,000 people on its chartered aircraft.

This follows an announcement earlier in 2014 that the company saw a year on year 14% rise in charter contracts completed.

With aircraft types ranging from small helicopters and private jets to wide-body airliners ACS has chartered for passenger trip numbers from 1 to more than 500 in the past twelve months. Ruan Courtney, Group Managing Director, commented: “The figure is an impressive number considering a large number of our aircraft charters are on smaller private jets that carry only a handful of people or cargo aircraft transporting freight.”
Courtney added: “This year has had a positive start as well and we have taken on the management of an Estonian Air Embraer 170 and an Avanti Air ATR 72 to help with the demand that we have for flying large groups. We feel it will help to serve our MICE clients and sports teams in particular.”

ACS arranged almost 7,500 charters last year, produced revenue of more than $420 million and flew more than thirty million kilograms of cargo in addition to the significant passenger numbers. or 

Benjamin Deacon

PR Co-ordinator, North America

Tel  +44 (0)20 8335 1059 │  Twitter @ACS_USA

About Air Charter Service

• Our name is Air Charter Service: no ‘s’ on the end, and not simply ‘Air Charter’ as email addresses might suggest, it can be abbreviated to ACS however

• Formed in 1990 by Chairman Chris Leach in his basement, now employs more than 280 staff worldwide

• We are a global company with 16 worldwide offices, not ‘UK-based’, with offices spanning five continents offering private jet, commercial airliner and cargo aircraft charters 

• Revenue in excess of US$ 400 million and arranges almost 7,500 charters annually

• Total number of passengers flown in 2013: 231,502

• Total amount of cargo flown in 2013: 31,172,000kgs

• Voted Cargo Charter Broker of the Year at the ACW World Cargo Awards 2013 and voted Charter Broker of the Year at the Payload Asia Awards 2013