AirClic enables Ragn-Sells to be first to use on-line wireless data collecting within recycling

AirClic enables Ragn-Sells to be first to use on-line wireless data collecting within recycling AirClic's bar code scanner is the new tool for Ragn-Sells Denmark A/S to control collection of electronic waste. Ragn-Sells is specialized in waste management and is now using a GPRS/WAP bar code system in a pilot project. The system is developed by the US/Swedish Company, AirClic, in co-operation with Orange and G-software International and will revolutionize the area within environmental distribution and logistics. Ragn-Sells uses the bar code system to control a process in which a large number of private carriers collect some 3,500 containers of electronic waste. These containers are collected from 300 municipal recycling stations. At the same time as collecting the containers, empty containers should replace them. AirClic's bar code reader is the most important new innovation of the system. Connected to the cell phone it enables a direct access to Ragn-Sells business system, sending/receiving data about the container. "All calculations start and end with the individual container being scanned into the system," says Klaus Petersen, Managing Director at Ragn- Sells Denmark. "We need to know where the container is, how many kilos of waste it contains and the nature of the waste. Further more, we have to know when the container is moved from the carrier, when it reaches the processing unit and if there is an empty container ready to replace it. Thanks to the wireless bar code reading system we can integrate data interactively and in real time with our IT system, regardless of geographical position." By using the bar code reader all data is scanned and immediately sent via GPRS/WAP to Ragn-Sells central IT system. The basics are calculated enabling Ragn-Sells to automate in real time - the rest of the process. "The new cell phone scanner from AirClic and the system it self have many advantages for us," Klaus Petersen continues. "First of all there is a security aspect to have the cell phone scanners on-line. If we receive incorrect data, a message is automatically returned to the driver of a carrier. On his cell phone display, he can see if a scanning is incorrect and then instantly correct the mistake. Another advantage being on-line is that we and our customers are able to see minute by minute where in the chain any piece of waste is located." "It is very easy to adjust AirClic's platform to fit the needs of a company's business system," says Roger Andreason, director business relations at AirClic. "AirClic's technology can be employed in many different businesses to increase logistics efficiency, particularly where cell phone-collected data must work with the company's IT applications." For further information: Roger Andreason, Business Relations Director, AirClic AB Tel: +46 (8) 685 07 21 Cell: +46 (70) 246 6901 Klaus Petersen, Managing Director, Ragn-Sells A/S Tel: +45 39 15 66 66 Gunnar Fredslund, Managing Director, G-software International A/S Tel: +45 39 61 77 22 Thomas Nielsen, Product Manager, Orange Tel: +45 82 33 70 00 About AirClic Inc. Founded in 1999, AirClic Inc. ( is a services platform company serving the mobile information market. AirClic enables companies to use industry standard bar codes or numbers to dynamically connect to applications and data. AirClic is compatible with UPC/EAN/JAN/128/39 codes, company-specific codes or numbers, as well as Scanletstm, AirClic's small proprietary bar codes, all of which can be input by scanning, manual entry or voice recognition. AirClic's mobile information, open platform allows application developers, corporations and individuals to access and deploy a wide variety of consumer, business and proprietary applications globally. AirClic can securely extend any application to a tethered or untethered user with Internet or telephone access, regardless of the device (cell or connected phone, PDA, computer or scanner). AirClic is headquartered in Blue Bell, Pa., and also maintains offices in New York City, Herndon, Va., and Stockholm, Sweden. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: