Internet Number and AirClic Announce Common Numbering System; Set Standard for Mobile Information Access

Internet Number and AirClic Announce Common Numbering System; Set Standard for Mobile Information Access AirClic Platform and Global Registry to support new standard TOKYO and BLUE BELL, Pa., Dec. 17, 2001 - Internet Number is a company that has revolutionized easy Internet access in Japan through use of simple numbers as substitutes for lengthy Internet addresses. Internet Number today announced that it has worked with AirClic to standardize their mutual numbering systems and will join with AirClic to extend its service offerings into bar code symbologies using the AirClic brand and Global Registry. AirClic provides end-to-end solutions that extend the reach of enterprise information and services to users, wherever and whenever they need them. "The AirClic standard gives our services access to more global users, and our users access to more global services," said Masao Nawa, president and chief executive officer of Internet Number. "Additionally, AirClic gives us global brand recognition, the assurance of non- duplication of numbers and codes in their Global Registry, and ultimately a cost-effective platform that is operating globally today." Internet Number users will be able to access Internet services of their choice using, as they always have, numbers entered into the keypad of a mobile phone. In addition, bar codes may be added to the numbers in certain cases, which can then be read by tiny scanners attached or built into mobile phones or PDA's. The bar codes and numbers will be more easily identified by AirClic's "Double Arrow" brand mark. Internet Number will incorporate the Connectedtm window access feature from AirClic's platform, allowing Internet Number users to access other AirClic-enabled services globally, simply by entering any branded bar codes or numbers they see. Similarly, Internet Number services will now be available to a larger user group including all users of other AirClic- enabled providers using Connectedtm window access. Internet Number pioneered the use of numbers as shortcuts to Web content and now delivers over 9 million such connections per month. In Japan, with the majority of users accessing the Internet with cell phones, the need for simplifying Internet connectivity is significant. A key challenge has been making the cell phone keypad user-friendly to Web addresses. Although most Internet access today is done through menus displayed on the device, consumers have only been able to get specific information deep within a site after tunneling through multiple screens. Internet Number originally solved this problem by using simple numbers to designate individual Web pages. AirClic extends this solution to include numbers and bar codes, and provides an end-to-end system solution for companies and developers who wish to more simply extend the reach of enterprise information and services to a global audience. "In Japan, 70 percent of the country's 66 million wireless subscribers connect to the Internet through cell phones. These mobile users demand fast access to crucial information," said Phillip Riese, chief executive officer of AirClic. "By adopting a uniform global coding system, we can ensure that these numeric codes are truly unique, and the process of accessing information via the Web is seamless and accurate." For further information: Internet Number Kiyoko Tachiiri 81-3-3348-1660 (Japan) AirClic Inc. Elena Frigeri A&R Partners (212) 905-6153 About Internet Number Corp. Internet Number Corp. ( is a Tokyo-based simplified network addressing system platform provider. The company is a pioneer and leader of the access service with simple numeric codes in Japan with approximately nine million transactions a month. Investors include Sony, GE Capital, and other leading venture capitals. Internet Number has a U.S. office in San Diego, Ca. About AirClic Inc. Founded in 1999, AirClic Inc.( operates an open platform that provides the technology and infrastructure to transform lifestyle devices, such as phones, PDAs and other mobile devices into powerful information gateways. AirClic enables users to enter numeric codes or scan bar codes to access relevant online information and applications. AirClic is compatible with existing bar codes, such as PC/EAN/JAN/128/39 codes. AirClic provides application developers, corporations and individuals with tool kits, allowing them to develop a wide variety of consumer and business applications globally. AirClic is headquartered in Blue Bell, PA and also maintains offices in New York City, Herndon, VA and Stockholm, Sweden. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: