Aker Kvaerner to upgrade pulp mill in Brazil

The first step of the expansion comprising an upgrade of the oxygen plant - including a COMPACT PRESS(TM) - was awarded in June 2003 and will be installed by the 2nd quarter of 2004.

The latest order is for an upgrade of the continuous digester to a modified cooking process, KOBUDOMari, to provide increased yield and better bleachability.

The bleach plant will be upgraded for the higher capacity including a repeat order for another two COMPACT PRESS(TM) and a new DUALD(TM) stage will be installed for saving of chemicals and to provide improved brightness stability of the pulp. A final pressurized peroxide bleaching stage, PREPOX(TM), for environmental friendly bleaching will also be installed.

The upgrade of the existing recausticizing plant includes a new system for white liquor filtration, including a PDW(TM) filter.

The order also includes an Ash Leaching system to be supplied by Kvaerner Power AB.

The Aker Kvaerner delivery is on an EPC basis and all steps of the expansion project will be completed by the end of 2004.

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