KOP Awarded Controls and Umbilicals for Dominion Triton/Goldfinger Project

Dominion will utilize the EH-Multiplex System to control three wells with an expansion capability for additional wells. The award includes the topside equipment consisting of a Master Control Station, a Hydraulic Power Unit and high-speed data retrieval from various subsea sensors. It also features the new generation of subsea electronic module (SEM), iConTM SEM that allows application software to be downloaded from the surface, while providing interfaces with remote intelligent infrastructure.

KOP will also provide a total of three umbilicals for this project. The 10,000-ft Gas-Lift Riser umbilical contains coated carbon steel tubes and a fibre-optic cable package. The Triton Main Field umbilical is 26,250 ft and the Gold Finger Infield umbilical is 12,250 ft.

The equipment is being manufactured for this USD 7 million project using KOP's revised GOM supply chain model. All three umbilicals are being manufactured in Mobile, Alabama, whereas the production control system will utilize manufacturing facilities in Aberdeen and Houston.

For further information, please contact:
Paul Shaw - Manager of Umbilical Sales and Marketing Manager. Tel: +1 713-685-5749
Jay Hursh - Manager Business Development. Tel: +1 713-685-5751

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