M.O.R.E.(TM) means more service business for Kvaerner Pulping

Bowater Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, has awarded Kvaerner Pulping a contract for a DUALSTEAM(TM) bin, the first one to be installed in North America. The delivery is part of a larger environmental project to reduce odorous gas emissions from the mill. Start-up will take place mid-autumn 2004.

"The DUALSTEAM(TM) bin is extremely useful for overloaded digesters. Thanks to the improved steaming, this type of bin has a major effect on the digester operation, significantly reducing the amount of rejects such as knots," says Staffan Björklund, Vice President Global Service, Kvaerner Pulping.

Domtar Ashdown, Arkansas, USA, has awarded Kvaerner Pulping a contract to modify its continuous digester. The digester will be cut and extended by roughly 18 metres, and its top will be changed to an inverted Kvaerner Pulping top separator. The erection of the digester will take a maximum of 10 days and the start-up is scheduled for May 2005.

Portucel Setúbal Pulp Mill, Portugal, has awarded Kvaerner Pulping a contract to rebuild the feeding line for the continuous digester No. 2 in order to increase capacity by more stability in the feed system operation. Start-up will take place in three stages, from May 2004 to May 2005.

"These are just some examples that demonstrate how successful we, through M.O.R.E, are in offering innovative solutions to clients that focus on improving existing equipment and eliminating bottlenecks in order to make operations more productive. Judging by the number of enquires, these customers are far from alone in their desire and need to modernise and improve existing equipment; a fact that makes us take a bright view of the future," says Staffan Björklund.


For further information, please contact:

Staffan Björklund, Vice President Global Service, Kvaerner Pulping, Sweden
Tel: +46 54 14 23 05 or +46 705 67 23 33

Anders Thorén, Communications Manager, Kvaerner Pulping, Karlstad, Sweden;
Tel: +46 54 19 47 66 or +46 703 55 64 22

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Kvaerner Pulping
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Improvement Services - M.O.R.E.(TM)
, the Kvaerner Pulping service concept, consists of four parts: Mill Study and Analysis, Overhaul and Spare Parts, Rebuild, and Education. It helps to eliminate bottlenecks and implement new technology, which in turn improves the mill's processes, making operations more competitive, productive and profitable. The maximum benefit from M.O.R.E. is derived from entering into a service agreement, a long-term plan that provides for continuous modernisation of technology, processes and skills.

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