Aker Clean Hydrogen to Explore Hydrogen Production Facility Opportunities in Aukra in Norway

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Aker Clean Hydrogen and the municipality of Aukra are exploring opportunities to realize the establishment of a hydrogen production facility on the island in western Norway.

The Aukra Hydrogen Hub project will rely on access to natural gas from the local gas processing plant in Aukra. The hydrogen plant will split the natural gas into CO2 and hydrogen. The CO2 will be permanently stored and the clean blue hydrogen can be used to decarbonise local industrial processes, provide emission-free fuel for sea and road transport as well as being exported to European hydrogen consumers.

As part of the development, sister company Aker Carbon Capture will together with the SINTEF research institute explore new capture technology for hydrogen production units which complements the company’s existing and qualified capture technology for blue hydrogen from steam methane reforming.

Aker Clean Hydrogen will, in agreement with Aukra municipality, conduct a feasibility study on the potential development of the hydrogen hub as the next step.

“Aukra is perfectly positioned for hydrogen production in Norway,” says Odd Jørgen Nilssen, Mayor of Aukra. “We have a proud history as host and facilitator for large industry projects, such as the gas processing plant at Nyhamna. Now we want to take a leading role in the energy transition and develop sustainable industries and green jobs. The Aker group of companies are great partners for us to realize our ambitions. A hydrogen industry here at Aukra would mean a lot to the people living in and around our municipality.”

Aker companies are well positioned to deliver the Aukra Hydrogen Hub, having constructed large parts of the original gas processing plant – a safe and reliable industrial plant with very high uptime.

“We have started the feasibility study for the project, and we are encouraged by the opportunities we have identified so far, including local enthusiasm and support from the business community and the Aukra municipality,” says Knut Nyborg, Chief Executive Officer of Aker Clean Hydrogen.

About Aker Clean Hydrogen

Aker Clean Hydrogen aims to develop, build, own and operate clean hydrogen production on an industrial scale. Aker Horizons is the majority shareholder of the company, and Aker Clean Hydrogen uses domain expertise across the Aker Group, including systems integration, engineering, technology development, project implementation, digitization and financial optimization to increase efficiency and reduce project costs. The company aims to reach a net installed capacity of 5 GW by 2030, and will make a major contribution to realizing the hydrogen industry and reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally. www.akercleanhydrogen.com