Organising of Aktia Bank Plc's Board of Supervisors 2016

Aktia Bank plc
Stock Exchange Release
13 May 2016 at 9.00 a.m.


At its first meeting on 12 May 2016 after the annual general meeting of 2016, Aktia Bank plc's Board of Supervisors re-elected Honorary Counsellor Håkan Mattlin as Chair of the Board of Supervisors. Christina Gestrin, Patrik Lerche, Clas Nyberg, Jorma J. Pitkämäki and Jan-Erik Stenman were re-elected as Deputy Chairs.

The Board of Supervisors' Chair and the Deputy Chairs are Presiding Officers tasked with drawing up matters to be dealt with by the Board of Supervisors, e.g. nomination of the board members.




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