Historic joint launch for Akzo Nobel’s flagship reports

Arnhem, the Netherlands, March 14, 2007 — Akzo Nobel has today published its Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility Reports for 2006—the first time that the company has launched both publications on the same day.

Highlighting Akzo Nobel’s commitment to maintaining transparent and effective stakeholder communication, the joint launch not only emphasizes the importance of CSR to the whole organization, but is also an indication of the strong link the company is forging between economic success and delivering sustainable solutions.

“Publishing our two most important reports together is a clear demonstration of the progress we are making in terms of integrating CSR and making it an inherent part of our everyday business activities,” said Akzo Nobel CEO Hans Wijers.

“Essentially, it’s all about being fit for the future,” he continued. “The Annual Report shows that we are strong financially and the company is well positioned as it prepares to enter an exciting new era. Akzo Nobel is dedicated to fulfilling its strategic ambitions in all areas of the company’s operations and the CSR Report perfectly illustrates the fact that not only is CSR at the heart of our business, the business is the heart of our CSR.”

He went on to explain that the company’s significantly improved ranking on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes—where Akzo Nobel is among the top two chemicals industry leaders—together with the recent award of Best in Class status for environmental and social performance from Storebrand Investments SRI, was testament to Akzo Nobel’s commitment to excellence.

“As a forward-thinking, innovative organization, Akzo Nobel is constantly striving to reach new standards in all its activities and processes—including stakeholder dialog,” added Wijers. “These reports clearly illustrate the significant progress we have made in meeting our targets and ambitions.”

The joint launch offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s performance during 2006, as well as providing a glimpse of what lies beyond. The Annual Report includes significant usability and design improvements, while the CSR Report features in-depth analysis of how the company is making great strides in meeting its sustainability targets.

Notable features of the two reports include:

Annual Report
• Clearer, more detailed overviews of the company’s global activities
• Increased use of graphics and design tools to better illustrate business performance
• Improved navigation.

CSR Report
• Details about the introduction in Europe of an innovative paint can with integrated roller tray which will save 60,000 liters of paint and 2.5 million liters of waste water in the Netherlands alone
• A look at how Functional Chemicals is helping the Indian movie industry to replace harmful products used during film processing
• How Industrial Finishes aims to convert existing solvent-based coil coating paints into formulations with zero solvent emissions
• The results of two studies conducted to investigate the energy efficiency and sustainability of the Rotterdam chlorine/PVC manufacturing cluster.

Both reports are also available online via Akzo Nobel’s corporate website, www.akzonobel.com, where you will also find an extended section relating to the company’s CSR Report.


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