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  • Alelion Energy Systems high voltage batteries meet certification requirements for road vehicles opening up for new opportunities in the special vehicle segment

Alelion Energy Systems high voltage batteries meet certification requirements for road vehicles opening up for new opportunities in the special vehicle segment

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Tests show the batteries meet all the requirements for batteries and battery systems to be used in road vehicles. Alelion will now take a place among the limited number of manufacturers whose high voltage systems are approved for this market segment bringing new opportunities for sales to this vehicle category.

ECE-R100 is an international standard for rechargeable battery systems found in electric motor vehicles and is included among the technical specifications laid down by the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicles aiming to increase safety and lower environmental impact through global standards for motor vehicles. To be approved batteries must meet stringent requirements regarding for example temperature and crashworthiness, fire safety, overcharge protection and overheat protection. Testing was done by external testing institutes in Great Britain and Germany and will lead to certification in compliance with ECE-R100.

“As we have passed all the tests the actual certification is more a formality, the critical part is to meet testing requirements,” says Åsa Nordström, Acting CEO for Alelion Energy Systems.

Important for special vehicles

The batteries now undergoing certification have a voltage of over 400V and are Alelion third generation products. For Alelion certification means a major step towards increased sales in the special vehicle segment. This segment includes a large number of various types of vehicles and over the last year has become a priority area. The battery systems Alelion has been producing for industrial trucks have not required certification in compliance with ECE-R100 as these trucks are not on-road vehicles.

“Tougher environmental requirements in many areas from lower particle and carbon dioxide emissions to lower noise mean that manufacturers of special vehicles are looking for solutions for more electrification,” says Åsa Nordström.

“This is where we have an excellent opportunity with our new high voltage systems as these are module based and specially designed for manufacture in our new factory. We can now produce customized solutions, optimized according to our customers’ requirements, with the right choice of cell chemistry along with efficient streamlined production.”

For more information, please contact:

Åsa Nordström, Acting CEO

Alelion Energy Systems AB

+46 702-90 18 58


Alelion Energy Systems AB is a leading manufacturer of industrial energy storage systems based on lithium-ion technology. A battery with lithium-ion is more energy efficient, lighter, has longer lifespan and also contributes to considerably lower environmental impact.

In step with the growth of climate threat and the increasingly urgent need to convert to more sustainable energy systems and more sustainable use of energy, a greater and greater number of sectors have begun to explore the possibilities offered by lithium-ion technology and this is opening up new markets and segments for Alelion.

Through the development of smart software based control systems new business opportunities have evolved linked to lithium-ion technology in the energy management area, where Alelion offers solutions.

In 2019 Alelion completed Sweden’s first factory for large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries for industrial vehicles. This factory is highly automated and is located in the centre of the vehicle industry cluster on Hising Island in Gothenburg.

You can find more information at www.alelion.com

Alelion’s major owners are Fouriertransform and Pegroco Holding. Alelion is traded on Nasdaq First North Market with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser, e-mail: ca@gwkapital.se, phone: +46 8-503 000 50.

Acting CEO Åsa Nordström  +46 702 90 18 58, e-post: asa.nordstrom@alelion.com

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