Alelion gets an order within heavy vehicles after deal with Kamag

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) has received an order for high voltage batteries from the German special vehicle manufacturer Kamag. Kamag will use the batteries to electrify the powertrain for one of its’ heavy trucks. ”This order is an important milestone and proves that Alelion also plays a central role when it comes to the electrification of heavy vehicles”, says Daniel Troedsson, CEO of Alelion.  Within in the year, Alelion will deliver a smaller batch as part of a joint development project. The remaining batteries will be delivered during 2019. The total order amount is approximately 15 MSEK.

The truck that Kamag plans to electrify is used for different purposes such as in semitrailers and transporting of goods in ports, warehouses, mail and package handling and at production sites and airports. There is also a driverless version of the truck (AGV) adapted to automated logistic centres.

This truck model can be configured with a maximum of four battery packages for optimised reach and effect performance. The trucks come with several different engine alternatives and the battery packages are based on high-performance Li-ion-cells. These types of applications use high voltage to minimise losses in the electrical powertrain and the solution is now common standard within the automotive industry.

”The environment and climate issues mean that more and more vehicle manufacturers are investigating the possibilities to convert to an all electrical powertrain”, says Daniel Troedsson, CEO of Alelion. ”The experience that we have gained through the forklift industry regarding the Lithium-ion technology, puts us in a good position to be involved and contribute to the transition, within the heavy vehicle industry too.”

Alelion already started to develop Lithium-ion batteries in 2006 and has since then driven the transition towards the Lithium-ion technology for the forklift industry. Today, some of the world’s largest forklift manufacturers are among the company’s customers.

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About Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ)

Alelion Energy Systems AB (publ) develops and sells Lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems. Focus is on materials handling and industrial vehicles.

Alelion has decided to build Sweden’s first factory of large-scale production of Lithium-ion batteries for industrial vechicles. The factory will be situated in the midst of the automotive cluster at Hisingen, Gothenburg and is expected to be completed during the third quarter of 2018.

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Alelion’s largest owners are Pegroco Invest AB and Fouriertransform. The company’s share (ALELIO) is registered at Nasdaq First North Stockholm with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser, phone: 08-503 000 50

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