Alfombra Roja starts a free consultation about the Spanish market for media and companies

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Alfombra Roja has nearly ten years of experience helping Nordic companies to enter the Spanish market and Spanish and Latin American companies enter the Nordic markets. 

During these ten years Alfombra Roja has acquired valuable knowledge on how to do business between the Nordic countries and the Spanish speaking countries. Alfombra Roja wants to share that experience and knowledge with media, companies and entrepreneurs that are considering entry into the Spanish market.

Alfombra Roja is open every day for journalist consultations about the Spanish market and the relationship between the Spanish and Nordic markets.

Every Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., Alfombra Roja will be available for consultations via email, telephone, skype, visit, etc. for companies interested in the Spanish market.

Alfombra Roja will answer questions about the economic, social and business environment in Spain, but also about issues related to cultural differences that can make a business opportunity ends in success or failure. Alfombra Roja has a Spanish - Scandinavian multidisciplinary team and knowledge of different business sectors and languages.

Alfombra Roja was founded in 2005 in Stockholm (Sweden) by Maribel Alvarez, who saw the potential of business relationships between the Nordic countries and Spain. Alfombra Roja is based in Sweden and is opening a new office in Spain this week.