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Magazine and bloggers have the opportunity to borrow porcelain pieces, textile creations, leather goods and traditional figures made of crumb from the collection of Artesanía de Galicia at Formex in January 2015. The exhibition area of our stand has been increased, and so has the number of exhibitors and available pieces.

Artesanía de Galicia goes back to Stockholm to present a collection of decorative and interior design pieces created by 24 Galician artisans. Porcelain, handwoven pieces, leather goods or traditional figures made of crumb go together with ceramics, traditional basketry, textile basketry and wooden kitchen pieces. The number of pieces and craftsmen has been increased in this new collection of Artesanía de Galicia for Formex in January.

Artesanía de Galicia is a brand representing contemporary artisans from Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. It includes high quality products, which are carefully designed and tell a fascinating story: the roots of our culture combined with contemporary design, the personality of the creators and the skill of their hands. As a result, the conscious action of the artist is reflected during the process of creation of the piece. Nowadays, Artesanía de Galicia comprises about 480 handicraft companies from different fields; and for each Formex we select the pieces and creators which adapt the best to the field of decoration and interior design.

Handicrafts are an excellent choice for interior design as a way of showing off the environment itself, not only because of their aesthetic nature but because they provide personality, exclusiveness and authenticity. Artesanía de Galicia presents a wide range of products in which raw materials become their essence, since craftsmen have made the most of them. Some examples are the use of autochthonous wood in wood turning and basketry pieces; stone; crumb in traditional figures from San Andrés de Teixido; Galician clay in ceramics and pottery; or wool which is hand-dyed with natural dyes. In these cases, the materials are key in the final design, and they enhance the authenticity, simplicity and extreme beauty of the pieces, in line with contemporary design.

Journalist and photographers are welcome to visit Artesanía de Galicia:


14-17 January 2015

Stand A17:08 (Hall A)


Let us know if you want to borrow products from our catalog:

Artesanía de Galicia, crafters from Spain 

Artesanía de Galicia, crafters from Spain at Formex

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