Foreign companies are getting stronger and growing in Spain

Over 90 per cent of the companies polled plan to maintain or increase their investments, staffing levels and business volume in Spain between 2015 and 2018.

Currently, Spain is the fastest growing among the larger members of the European Union. It has clocked two years of continuous growth and forecasts predict growth rates will surpass 3 per cent in 2015. If confirmed, these numbers add up to economic recovery, an expanding local market and increasing attractiveness to foreign investment.

More than 500 companies surveyed confirm the previous year's optimistic forecasts and report that they expect further improvements in all aspects analysed, including how much they invest, what they expect to bill, their hiring needs and exports levels. These are some of the findings of the eighth edition of the Barometer of the Business Climate in Spain, prepared by IESE's International Center for Competitiveness (run by Emeritus Professor Antoni Subirà) in conjunction with ICEX-Invest in Spain and Multinacionales por marca España, an association that works with multinationals to promote Spain as a brand.

According to this report, investment prospects are very positive, 94 per cent of the foreign companies surveyed plan to maintain or increase their levels of investment in Spain during 2015, a percentage that reaches 95 per cent looking ahead to 2016-2018.The percentage of companies expecting to either maintain or increase the number of employees in Spain grew from 87 per cent in 2014 to 91 per cent in 2015. That percentage grows to 95 per cent of companies planning ahead for 2017-2018. In terms of sales or business volume, 64 per cent of companies expect to see it increase this year. Only 9 per cent expect it to slow down in 2015 and only 4 per cent predict a drop for 2017 to 2018.

Maribel Álvarez (founder and CEO at Alfombra Roja AB) has been working for more than 10 years in Stockholm helping Spanish companies to export to the Nordic countries and Nordic companies to do business in Spain. Álvarez has recently opened an office in Spain, in part, due to the fact that the economy is growing in Spain and the market is becoming more attractive for foreign companies. “We have had an office in Stockholm, for many years, and we wanted to improve our service by having an office in Spain. Valencia is the chosen city, it’s a big city, well communicated with the rest of the big cities in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid …) and very close to areas where there are important Nordic communities, like Alicante, declare Maribel Álvarez.

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Alfombra Roja with ten years experience is in the forefront when it comes to creating business oportunities in Scandinavia, Spain and Latin America. Alfombra Roja opened in 2005 with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Maribel Alvarez, founder and director, saw the potential in business exchange between Spain and Scandinavia and decided to unrolled the red carpet (alfombra roja) for Spanish and Scandinavian companies. Numerous projects developed successfully support our trajectory and our leadership in the Nordic and Spanish market.
Our extensive networking provides us with an important added value for foreign companies who want to visit or enter to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Spain. Our multidisciplinary Scandinavian-Spanish team has knowledge in different business sectors and local languages ​​(Spanish , Danish, Finnish,Norwegian, Swedish and English). Our professionalism, creativity, experience requirement and passion for our work are the basis of our success and our customers success.