Alison Claire Natural Beauty releases all natural Lip Balms to save your lips from nature’s forces

The Alison Claire Natural Beauty range, which was created by Alison Claire, has now released a new range of natural lip balms. With five delicious flavours, there is something for everybody.

Whether it is winter or summer, our lips are exposed to the extremities of the weather. The cold temperatures can leave lips chapped, and cracked, while the sun can cause dry and dehydrated lips. This means that no matter which climate conditions we are exposed to, our lips are never safe.

These organic lip balms are an essential product to help our lips brave the harshest of conditions. 

The lip balms are a colourful range of deliciously tasting flavours, made up of natural ingredients that leave your lips feeling moisturised and nourished.

These handy sized pots are great for the handbag, ideal for taking with you everywhere.

The Alison Claire Natural Beauty Range offers five different flavours of lip balms, all available in 10ml pots priced at £2.50 each:

Apricot Lip Balm
Boasts a rich combination of Apricot oil and extract, sunflower and rice bran wax as well as a wonderful powerful antioxidant and carotenoid, Astaxanthin from Haematoccocus Algae Extract, which also provides Beta Carotene, Lutein and Vitamin E. Astaxanthin has been shown to provide protection to the skin from free radicals giving this lip balm an interesting edge.

Size 10ml – RRP £2.50

Peppermint Lip Balm
Peppermint lip balm is the perfect moisturiser for your dry lips, with the two main ingredients cocoa butter and shea butter working wonderfully together to give your lips the ultimate pick me up.

As well as soothing and being the perfect lip balm for dry lips it also contains the antioxidants of grape seed oil and the natural soothing characteristics of peppermint oil.

One final core ingredient in the peppermint lip balm is carnauba wax, which has a strong natural resilience against the suns strong rays.

Size 10ml – RRP £2.50

Coconut Lip Balm
Coconut Lip Balm contains some fantastic moisturising ingredients which will ease your sore and dried out lips. Core ingredients include cocoa butter that soothes and smoothes your lips along with zinc oxide, which has good UV protection qualities that will help defend your lips from the sun’s harmful rays.

Size 10ml – RRP £2.50

Lime Lip Balm
This lip balm has not only Sunflower and Rice bran wax, but also includes Avocado oil, Cocoa butter and Lime essential oil providing a refreshing citrus fruity taste. The balm also has Sweet Almond Oil further enriching and adding that extra smooth feel.

Size 10ml – RRP £2.50

Mango Lip Balm
A delicious fruity balm, good enough to eat. Contains added Shea butter and Carnuba wax. This also has a touch of Astaxanthin providing those important antioxidant properties.

Size 10ml – RRP £2.50

The Alison Claire Natural Beauty range was created by Alison Claire, who not only has personal experience with sensitivity to toxins, but expertise in hair and skincare manufacturing. Alison Claire Natural Beauty products are made using all natural ingredients, and as Alison Claire strongly opposes animal testing, none of the products have been tested on animals.

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Alison Claire

The Alison Claire Natural Beauty range was created by Alison Claire, who not only has personal experience with sensitivity to toxins, but expertise in hair and skincare manufacturing. Alison is also a Registered Osteopath of over 30 years.

As a young child, Alison developed sensitivities to a number of chemicals, including chlorine, pesticides and additives in shampoo for greasy hair. Today, a mother of eight, Alison has witnessed to varying degrees their allergies to sun lotions, bubble baths and hair products, whilst herself becoming intolerant to a particular brand of moisturiser.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and concern about the possibly harmful effects of some mainstream hair and skincare products, Alison decided to research the market with a view to developing her own range. She discovered that not all “natural” or “organic” body products are as pure as they may appear. Many contain the chemical phenoxyethanol which, in research, has been known to suffocate fish within seconds; whilst others products contain titanium dioxide, which the lists as being linked to cancer, allergies and immuno-toxins.

Four years on from its inception, the newly launched Alison Claire Natural Beauty products are made using water purified to 18mΩ, to ensure that it contains no impurities. There are no irritant or toxic ingredients nor any perfumes which are notoriously toxic. The aromas released from all Alison Claire Natural Beauty products are from the natural oils in the ingredients. Formulations involve processes with minimal temperatures to protect the potency and vitality of the active ingredients.

The company sources raw materials of the highest available purity and blends them by hand to create the highest quality product. Alison Claire continues to head up the research team, overseeing product development and ensuring that ingredient suppliers are ethically responsible.