AlixLabs proudly announce its Advisory Board

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AlixLabs (Lund, Sweden) is very pleased to announce an Advisory Board with long term semiconductor industry and business experts and academic leadership.

AlixLabs from Lund, Sweden, has developed a new, innovative method for manufacturing semiconductor components with a high degree of packing, eliminating several steps in the semiconductor manufacturing process - Atomic Layer Etch Pitch Splitting (APS)*. The method makes the components cheaper and less resource-intensive to manufacture in high volume semiconductor wafer fabrication and can open up a new path for a more sustainable mass production of electronic products. The method also makes it possible to manufacture tiny semiconductor components accurately and efficiently with more manageable wafer fab equipment investments.

The company is pleased to announce a powerful Advisory Board with long-term semiconductor industry, business, and academic leadership. In a statement from Dr. Jonas Sundqvist, CEO and co-founder of AlixLabs, he said, "Our Advisory Board adds a new level of engagement with the semiconductor industry and leading research centers needed to transfer the APS technology into high volume manufacturing. Besides strategic business decisions, we must build an ecosystem around our disruptive patterning technology. With their support, we will be able to deeply engage the semiconductor ecosystem on all levels and in all supply sectors, from materials and equipment suppliers to the wafer fabs and recognized R&D labs and institutes in this amazing industry".

Lita Shon-Roy – President/CEO and Founder of TECHCET—has worked throughout the semiconductor supply chain, leading strategy, business development, marketing, and sales for chip designers, equipment OEMs, and material suppliers for over 30 years. Her experience spans from process development of SRAMs to business development of gases & precursors. She developed new business opportunities for companies such as RASIRC/Matheson Gases, Air Products & Chemicals, and IPEC/Speedfam, and managed marketing and sales in companies such as Air Products/Schumacher, Brooktree/Rockwell, and Hughes Aircraft. Ms. Shon-Roy is considered one of the leading experts in electronic materials market analysis and business development. She has authored and co-authored 100’s of articles, reports, and texts on semiconductor process materials markets, trends, and worldwide supply chain issues. She holds an Masters Business Administration (MBA) from California State University, Dominguez Hills, a Master of Science (MS) in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in Solid State Physics from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego.

Prof. Dr. Fred Roozeboom is emeritus/guest professor in the Inorganic Membranes group at the University of Twente and consultant to the high-tech industry. From 2007 until Dec. 2021 he was a part-time, full professor at TU Eindhoven in the group Plasma & Materials Processing, and from 2009-2021 he was Senior Technical Advisor at TNO Holst Centre, Eindhoven, aiming at new applications in Atomic Layer Deposition and Etching, area-selective ALD, Li-ion micro-batteries, and EUV optical lifetime. From Sept. 2021 - Sept. 2022 he was a Research Fellow at LionVolt, a start-up, working on pilot line production of 3D thin-film Li-batteries on metal foil. Fred is co-/author of >200 publications (h-index 42), 5 book chapters, 39 granted US patents, co-/editor of 51 conference proceedings on semiconductor & microsystems processing, and executive
editor of open access journal Atomic Layer Deposition. He was or is active in conference committees for the Materials Research Society, Electrochemical Society, American Vacuum Society, IEEE, DPS-Japan, and SEMI Europe Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee.

Dr. Jacques Kools has over 35 years of experience in nanotechnology R&D, focusing on capital equipment and process for vacuum etch and deposition processes. He started his career at Philips Research, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, working on reactive ion beam and laser etch processes and magnetic materials. He worked in various roles in the semiconductor equipment industry in Silicon Valley, most recently as Vice President of Technology and Director of Strategic Marketing at Veeco Instruments (NASDAQ: VECO). His current position is CEO and founder of Encapsulix, a supplier of Atomic Layer Deposition ( ALD) equipment and process technology. Dr. Kools holds a Ph.D. from the Eindhoven University of Technology. He has published extensively with more than 100 refereed papers, including more than 10 invited reviews and more than 20 US patents (h index of 30 and i10 index of 60).

* Atomic Layer Etch Pitch Splitting (APS). As previously reported (April 30, 2021), The US Patent Office has approved AlixLabs's patent application for nanofabrication by ALE Pitch Splitting (APS). The US Patent Office has issued a patent (US10930515) on February 23, 2021 and now the second patent (US11424130) on August 23, 2022. The patents covers methods to split nanostructures in half by a single process step using Atomic Layer Etching (ALE). The method can have a significant impact on the semiconductor industry by enabling sustainable scaling of electronic components and shrink chip designs further in a cost-effective way. The method is complementary for single exposure Immersion and Extreme UV (EUV) Lithography and corresponding multiple patterning technologies like self-aligned double and quadruple patterning (SADP resp. SAQP) as well as multiple exposure lithography-etch and directed self-assembly (DSA).

Jonas Sundqvist, CEO of AlixLabs, phone +46 767 63 94 67, email 

AlixLabs ( is an innovative startup founded in 2019 in Lund, Sweden, enabling the semiconductor industry to scale down Logic and Memory components in a cost-effective manner by the use of ALE Pitch Splitting (APS).