Allegro Networks Provisions a National Circuit in 106seconds

Pioneering Management Platform Introduces Automation to the Wholesale Sector

Allegro Networks, a new generation of carrier based in Manchester, has revealed a pioneering new management platform, SNAP, which enables service providers to get quotes, buy and provision circuits online, in real time.   At a recent event in Manchester, Allegro provisioned a point to point circuit between Manchester and London, live, in 106 seconds. 

SNAP aims to change the landscape of the service provider community, introducing retail aspects such as transparency of pricing, speed to market and the ability to generate immediate revenue.  Connecting to SNAP give providers the ability to extend their network footprint, access Internet exchanges, connect to Transit providers, and even novate circuits from one customer to another, all in a matter of minutes.

Andy Davidson, Allegro Network’s CTO, commented: “SNAP gives providers the building blocks to create and deliver the solution they need when they want it. 

“Whether you’re a carrier, ISPs, reseller, e-tailer or data centre, SNAP enables you to realise revenue quickly and provide the level of service demanded by high-margin customers.  It not only removes the need to negotiate with multiple contacts but gives providers complete control of their connectivity.”

Allegro has launched SNAP with a range of services across its UK wide network, these include: point to point connectivity, peering at 4 UK Internet Exchanges and IP Transit with 3 providers.  All of these services can be accessed in minutes, whether that’s from your office, a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

While technology unpins the Allegro proposition, the company offers some exciting commercial initiatives, including the ability to move inactive circuits that are within contract.  This means that if a service is no longer in use and therefore not generating revenue, a provider can simply migrate the service to a location where it is needed and can start earning revenue on it.

The platform sits on Allegro’s UK wide Ethernet network that has been built using industry leading Juniper MX hardware.

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About Allegro Networks

Allegro Networks delivers fast, secure and highly reliable connectivity to those providers that are reliant on permanent uptime across their network.  As a UK wholesale company our network is designed to complement our customers’ network rather than replace it, while our portfolio of connectivity and Internet services enhance our customer’s solutions, increasing their product set and commercial opportunities.

With a mission to stretch the limits of what is considered possible in the carrier world, our pioneering online management platform, SNAP, gives customers the ability to purchase and provision circuits and services within minutes, strengthening their competitiveness in an increasingly challenging market.  This radical approach, which puts the customer in control of their connectivity, is the first of Allegro Networks innovations.

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