Allgon launch repeaters for flexible expansion of indoor cellular coverage

Allgon launch repeaters for flexible expansion of indoor cellular coverage Allgon Systems, a leading supplier of radio-based infrastructure solutions for cellular communications, launches a new range of compact repeaters with dual band capacity. The dualband compact repeater enables a flexible and cost efficient expansion of indoor cellular coverage in for example metros, airports, shopping malls and office buildings. "The market of repeater products for indoor use is expanding", says Crister Fritzson, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Allgon Systems. "Our first compact repeater has sold well on all continents, and we expect the new dual band repeater's total functionality and unique compatibility will enable it to do even better". The new compact repeater is 40 percent smaller than a standard repeater, which allow flexible and discrete installations. It offers any dual combination of 900, 1800 MHz, 800 and 1900 MHz bands, and is also ready for use in third generation UMTS networks by adding a 2100 MHz band. This gives operators an all-in-one repeater solution for split bandwith blocks, for example in the 900 MHz band. Also, in dual band applications like 900/1800 and 800/1900 bands, the repeater supports dual band antennas without additional external hardware. Using Allgon's patented adjustable bandwidth technology, the product offers operators remote control and use both bands, adapting to changes in net planning schemes, without site visits. For further information, please contact: Crister Fritzson Phone: +46 8 540 827 75 Vice President Sales & Marketing, Allgon crister.fritzson@allgo Systems Lars Jehrlander Phone: +46 8 540 822 63 President, Allgon Systems lars.jehrlander@allgon .se ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: