Alliance AutoGas announces new distribution agreement with Prins Alternative Fuel Systems, unveils new U.S. Autogas Technology Center

Asheville, N.C. – February 12, 2013 – Alliance AutoGas announces a new agreement with global autogas technology leader Prins Alternative Fuel Systems of the Netherlands: Alliance will be the U.S. distributor for Prins autogas technologies. Simultaneously, Alliance AutoGas has unveiled its U.S. Autogas Technology Center located in Asheville, N.C.

Prins has awarded Alliance AutoGas with U.S. distribution rights to its line of fleet-tested autogas vehicle conversion equipment, including vapor and liquid injection systems, along with direct injection and diesel blend technology. Prins Direct LiquiMax system was recognized with the Automechanika Innovation award and the Green Directory award in September 2012.

“Alliance AutoGas has been instrumental in bringing autogas, the most viable alternative vehicle fuel, to American fleets - and we are proud to expand our relationship,” says Bart van Aerle, CEO of Prins. “As Alliance continues to deliver America’s only complete alternative fuel solution, we expect to see more and more U.S. fleets switching over to this cleaner, more affordable fuel.”

Propane autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world, powering 18 million vehicles globally. U.S. fleets running on autogas currently save around $1.75 per gallon on fuel costs versus gasoline, and autogas is also a cleaner fuel. Ninety-eight percent of the U.S. propane autogas supply is made in America, so autogas fleets are doing their part to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. Alliance AutoGas has expanded to include 42 states and all of Canada, with fleet customers displacing tons of harmful emissions and saving thousands of dollars every month.

“Alliance has grown into a nationwide network that provides the only complete program to help fleets switch to autogas,” says Alliance AutoGas President and Autogas for America founder Stuart Weidie. “We’re encouraged that fleet managers around the country who are analyzing their options increasingly select Alliance AutoGas for their fleet fuel programs.”

The new U.S. Autogas Technology Center includes an autogas equipment distribution center, an autogas vehicle technician training facility and an autogas equipment research and development center. It will be managed by Blossman Services, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Alliance AutoGas founding partner Blossman Gas. Blossman has over six decades of autogas fueling and product distribution experience.

The center will be headed by Blossman Vice President Jessie Johnson and Alliance AutoGas Technical Director Scott Spence of Asheville, N.C. It will serve as the U.S. distribution hub for autogas vehicle and fueling station equipment, along with warranty support. The center’s autogas vehicle technician training facility will lead autogas education initiatives and ongoing fleet technical support.

“Alliance AutoGas is committed to meeting the vehicle and fueling technology needs of American fleets,” says Johnson, a 42-year industry veteran. “That’s why we guide fleets through the process of switching fuels and provide the ongoing support needed to make sure their autogas programs are successful.”

Alliance AutoGas works with public and private fleets, operating a breadth of vehicle types, and continues to increase the number of autogas vehicle platforms available to the fleet market.

“We continue to strengthen our position as the nation’s leader in propane autogas by providing autogas systems to run on the most common engine platforms used by fleets,” adds Weidie. “Working with a great company like Prins will facilitate Alliance’s efforts to secure EPA and CARB certifications to meet the demands of fleet customers across America.”

The Prins distribution agreement and new U.S. Autogas Technology Center reflect the growing demand for autogas among U.S. fleets.

“Fleet customers choose autogas because it consistently outperforms conventional fuels when it comes to cost at the pump, emission reductions and reliability,” notes Weidie. “And, it’s made right here in America.”

About Prins Alternative Fuel Systems

Prins Alternative Fuel Systems, a group company of SHV Energy with headquarters in the Netherlands, has been a world leader in the development of alternative fuel systems for more than 25 years. Prins is a global supplier of alternative fuel systems and components for automotive, bus, HDV, industrial and marine applications and has established distribution channels in over 50 countries. Visit

About Blossman Gas

A family and employee-owned company, Blossman Gas is the largest independent propane retailer in the country, serving propane customers in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic States for nearly 60 years. Visit for more information.

About Alliance AutoGas

Alliance AutoGas enables fleet managers to use clean, economical, American-made autogas through vehicle conversions, on-site fueling and ongoing safety training and technical support. For fleets interested in new propane autogas-powered vehicles, Alliance also provides OEM vehicles and buses from major U.S. manufacturers as part of the complete program. The Alliance AutoGas network of propane marketers and conversion centers is experiencing tremendous growth, spanning 42 states, Washington D.C., and all of Canada. Learn more at: For questions, contact David Finder, National Energy Programs Manager, at or (828) 251-0027.


About Us

Alliance AutoGas is an integrated, nationwide partner network that includes propane retailers, premier equipment providers and certified conversion centers. Founded by the nation’s largest independent propane company, Blossman Gas, Alliance brings a comprehensive clean-fueling solution to fleets across the United States.

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U.S. fleets running on autogas currently save around $1.75 per gallon on fuel costs versus gasoline.
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Ninety-eight percent of the U.S. propane autogas supply is made in America.
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