Texas propane mower powerhouse joins Alliance AutoGas to provide alt fuel vehicle conversions for fleets

AUSTIN, Texas – November 12, 2012 – McCoy’s Lawn Equipment Center is the newest certified Alliance AutoGas conversion center, supporting fellow Alliance partner Pinnacle Propane to help Texas Hill Country fleets run on propane autogas. A longtime provider of propane-powered mowers and conversions, McCoy’s now expands their expertise to alternative fuel vehicles.

McCoy’s lawn and landscape customers have enjoyed the performance and affordability of propane mowers so much, they also want to transport their equipment with clean autogas trucks.

“For years, we’ve helped our customers save money on fuel costs and maintenance by running their lawn care equipment on clean propane,” says Jay Godfrey, president of McCoy’s Lawn Equipment Center. “We partnered with Alliance AutoGas because we realize the benefits these same companies will experience by running their fleet vehicles on propane autogas. Autogas is an American-made fuel that’s cleaner and more cost-effective than gasoline, and also more affordable to implement than other alt fuels. For fleet operators, what more do you need to know?”

Autogas fleets currently save around $1.50 per gallon on fuel compared to gasoline; and because autogas is a cleaner-burning fuel, fleets also report requiring less maintenance. Vehicle conversion financing through Alliance AutoGas enables fleets to see fuel-cost savings from day one.

“We welcome McCoy’s Lawn Equipment Center to the Alliance AutoGas network, which is rapidly expanding to provide fleets in the U.S. and Canada with an affordable alternative to gasoline,” says Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas and founder of Autogas for America. “McCoy’s was an early adopter of propane mower technology, so they already know how switching to propane autogas can really boost a fleet’s bottom line. And not only is autogas the most viable fuel for U.S. fleets, it’s domestically produced, which is essential to enhancing our nation’s energy security.”

Ninety-eight percent of the U.S. propane autogas supply is made in America. Autogas powers 18 million vehicles globally, making it the most widely used alternative fuel in the world.

Over 17 years, McCoy’s Lawn Equipment Center has grown from a specialty shop to one of the largest multi-line lawn and landscape equipment dealers in the Austin area. McCoy’s began converting and selling commercial propane mowers in 2006, and now provides propane autogas vehicle conversions as part of the complete Alliance AutoGas program for fleets. Visit www.mccoyslawn.com.

About Alliance AutoGas

Alliance AutoGas enables fleet managers to use clean, economical, American-made autogas through vehicle conversions, on-site fueling and ongoing safety training and technical support. The Alliance AutoGas partner network of international propane marketers and conversion centers is experiencing tremendous growth, currently spanning 40 states, Washington D.C., and now the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba in Canada. For fleets interested in new propane autogas-powered vehicles, Alliance also provides OEM vehicles through partnerships with automotive experts at ROUSH CleanTech as part of the complete program. Learn more at: www.allianceautogas.com. For questions, contact David Finder, National Energy Programs Manager, dmfinder@allianceautogas.com or (828) 251-0027.


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Alliance AutoGas is an integrated, nationwide partner network that includes propane retailers, premier equipment providers and certified conversion centers. Founded by the nation’s largest independent propane company, Blossman Gas, Alliance brings a comprehensive clean-fueling solution to fleets across the United States.