Alzinova AB presents preclinical data on the Company's substances at the AAIC conference

Alzinova AB today presented data on the monoclonal antibody ALZ-201 at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC), which is held as a virtual event this year due to the coronavirus. The preclinical data support the continued development of the Company's lead candidate, ALZ-101.

Dr. Anders Sandberg, Chief Scientific Officer, today presented the poster titled: Specific targeting of a highly toxic subpopulation of Aβ42 oligomers for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The poster provides an overview of the Company's research strategy and data demonstrating that the monoclonal antibody ALZ-201, which specifically targets Aβ42 oligomers, is able to neutralize the neurotoxic effect as effectively as an antibody that binds to all forms of Aβ. This has been studied in two different preclinical Alzheimer's disease models based on human brain tissue. The findings demonstrate that oligomers are present in low levels in the brain of patients, and that targeting these with high specificity is likely required to achieve therapeutic efficacy.

"Based on the documented preclinical properties of both the monoclonal antibody ALZ-201 and the clinical candidate ALZ-101, we are looking forward to the clinical development of the therapeutic vaccine ALZ-101. This is an important step for Alzinova, in a field where the medical need is high," says Dr. Sandberg. 

Alzinova is developing the ALZ-101 vaccine candidate against Alzheimer's disease. The disease is pathologically characterized by aggregation of the Amyloid-β peptide in brain tissue, and the Company's immunotherapy specifically targets the oligomeric, neurotoxic forms of the peptide aggregates considered to be the cause of the disease. The Company intends to conduct a clinical First-in-Human study (Phase 1b) in patients with early stage Alzheimer's disease. The preparations to submit the application and start the study continue according to plan. The aim is to initiate the study at year-end 2020.

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P3 Posters: Drug Development Nonhuman / Target identification and validation studies: Amyloid, Wednesday, July 29, 2020: 12:00 AM - 11:59 AM CEST Poster number: 43003


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About Alzinova AB

Alzinova AB is a Swedish biopharma company specializing in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease targeting  neurotoxic amyloid-β oligomers. The lead candidate, ALZ-101, is in late preclinical development as a therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of Alzheimer's. Alzinova’s proprietary AβCC peptide™ technology enables the development of disease-modifying therapies that target the toxic amyloid-β oligomers involved in the onset and progression of the disease with high precision. Alzheimer’s is one of the most common and devastating neurological diseases globally, with of the order of 40 million people afflicted today. In addition, the antibody ALZ-201, in early preclinical development, was generated with the AβCC peptide™ technology and the ambition is to expand the pipeline further. The company’s Certified Advisor on Nasdaq First North Growth Market is Corpura +46 768-532 822. For more information about Alzinova, please visit:


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