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Shareholders in Alzinova AB (publ) are hereby invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) on 14 May 2020, at 14.00 CEST in Gula salongen, at Göteborgs Universitet, with the adress Universitetsplatsen 1, Göteborg. Registration starts at 13.30 CEST and will stop when the meeting starts.

The company monitors the situation regarding covid-19, the corona virus, closely and will provide further information closer to the AGM if it is deemed necessary to take any special measures at the AGM due to the risk of spreading the virus.

The complete notice of the AGM, which is attached in the press release, can also be downloaded from the company’s Swedish website,


For more information, please contact:

Kristina Torfgård, CEO

Telephone: +46 70 846 79 75


Certified Adviser:

Corpura Fondkommission AB


Telephone: 0768-532822



About Alzinova AB

Alzinova AB is engaged in pharmaceutical research and development for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease – one of our major health scourges, without efficient treatment options. The Company's patented technology enables the development of novel therapies, that with high precision could target the substances involved in the formation of the disease and render them harmless. Alzinova's focus is to develop a vaccine as a long-acting therapy for treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease. The vaccine is currently under preclinical development, in preparation for human clinical trials. The Company further conducts development within diagnostics for the disease. Alzinova was founded by researchers from the MIVAC research center at the University of Gothenburg, and by GU Ventures AB.