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  • Ambea AB (publ): The nomination committee intends to propose changes to the board of directors including change of chair and election of new board member

Ambea AB (publ): The nomination committee intends to propose changes to the board of directors including change of chair and election of new board member

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The nomination committee will ahead of the AGM 2022 propose the election of Hilde-Britt Mellbye as new board member and Yrjö Närhinen as new chair of the board of Ambea. Lena Hofsberger and Liselott Kilaas have chosen to not stand for re-election.

Lena Hofsberger has been board member in Ambea since 2012 and chair of the board since 2013.

The nomination committee would like to thank Lena Hofsberger for her great contributions and strong engagement during her extensive tenure as board member and chair of the board of Ambea. Her role in the development of the company over the past ten years cannot be overstated.

”Working with Ambea over the past decade has been extremely rewarding. Ambea has during my tenure as board member and chair grown rapidly and is today one of the leading care providers in Scandinavia with 26,000 wonderful employees. With a new CEO in place since a year back I think this is the right timing to hand over the baton to a new chair”, comments Lena Hofsberger, chair of Ambea.

The nomination committee will also propose re-election of Yrjö Närhinen, Daniel Björklund, Gunilla Rudebjer and Samuel Skott. Information about the board members that will be proposed for re-election is available on www.ambea.com/investor-relations.

Hilde Britt Mellbye (b.1961) has solid experience of the Nordic care sector as well as extensive experience of general management and corporate governance from leading positions in several different industries. Hilde Britt is currently CEO of Frisk Gruppen AS and Falck Helse AS, and President and chair of UNICEF Norway. Hilde Britt was in between 2010–2016 CEO of Norlandia Care Group and in between 2016–2019 CEO of AS Vinmonopolet. In between 2017–2019 she was chair of the board of Plantasjen Group AS as well as long-standing chair of of the board of Abilia AB until 2019.

The nomination committee's proposals will be presented in the AGM notice. Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the nomination committee can do so on the following e-mail address valberedning@ambea.se or to the below address:

Ambea AB
c/o Johan Regnér
Box 1565
SE-171 29 Solna, Sweden

The nomination committee consists of Erik Malmberg, chair (Actor SCA), Mikael Holm (Alcur Fonder), Anette Dahlberg (Första AP-fonden), and Lena Hofsberger (Ambea chair of the board).

The 2022 AGM in Ambea will be held on Thursday May 12.

For more information, contact:

Benno Eliasson, CFO
E-mail: ir@ambea.se

Ambea press contact
Telephone: +46 (0)10 33 00 501
E-mail: press@ambea.se

Ambea is the market leading care provider in Sweden, Norway and Denmark respectively, with over 900 care units and around 26,000 employees. We offer services in disabled care, individual and family care, and elderly care with a focus on residential care and own management. We aim to be the quality leader in all that we do and our vision is to make the world a better place, one person at a time. The company was founded in 1996 and its head office is located in Solna, Sweden. Ambea is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.