ABS AIP Supports DSME to Bring Hybrid Power Systems to Large LNG Carriers for More Sustainable Operations

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(MILAN) ABS has awarded approval in principle (AIP) to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. (DSME) for its hybrid power system, a configuration previously limited to smaller vessels in the maritime marketplace, to aid large liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers.

The hybrid power system configuration includes a Battery Energy Storage System (ESS) and Shaft Generator within an existing power source that will allow the LNG carriers to access hybrid power when needed most such as spinning reserve or peak shaving.

With DSME’s test facility for ship research and development, the hybrid system, already in use in the industry to support smaller vessels such as ferries, was successfully applied to large LNG vessels. With the AIP from ABS, it is now possible to reduce dependence on the generator engine and improve fuel efficiency by including a solution that can improve the performance of the DSME shaft generator. The approval process included review of the ship's internal arrangement, function, risk analysis, and operation scenarios reflecting actual electrical loads.

“Hybrid electric power systems offer the opportunity to improve safety, reliability, operational efficiency, and reduce the fuel consumption, environmental footprint, and equipment maintenance when compared to traditional electrical power systems. We are delighted to work together with DSME on these innovative projects. Being able to apply hybrid power systems to large vessels like LNG carriers is another step forward in the drive to meet IMO sustainability goals,” said Gareth Burton, ABS Vice President, Technology.

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