ABS is First in Industry to Accept 3D Models for Class Surveys

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Successful Pilot Project Sees Surveyors Swap 2D Drawings for Digital Models

(HOUSTON) In an industry first, ABS has completed a successful pilot project that used 3D digital models for class surveys. This project means ABS is able to fully support 3D model integration into engineering and now survey.

The pilot with NASSCO saw surveyors use 3D digital models instead of traditional 2D drawings for the simulation of new construction surveys on several steel blocks. 3D Model-Based Class allows a designer or a shipyard to eliminate 2D drawings, saving up to 25 percent design time. 3D models are easier to navigate and can reduce time required to train shipyard craftsmen.

The 3D models were viewable to surveyors in ABS software and could be seen remotely and in real-time. The surveys were successfully completed without any significant issues, a major milestone in enhancing the class experience.

“ABS is leading the way in the development of digital class and this significant step forward is another example of how we are innovating with digital technologies to deliver operational efficiencies for the industry,” said Christopher J Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO. “ABS continues to lead classification into the future by leveraging data and digital technologies as we transform our core services and drive new and innovative solutions.”

“Elimination of 2D drawings from the design and construction process is very appealing to NASSCO,” said Tim Glinatsis, NASSCO Vice President of Engineering & CIO. “We look forward to continuing to work with ABS to identify digital initiatives that can improve shipbuilding and classification.”  

This is the latest work by ABS designed to ensure the organization is ready to support any shipyard or designer that wants to submit a 3D model for class approval.

For more information on ABS’ application of 3D-models watch the webinar: https://ww2.eagle.org/en/news/events-calendar/webinar-applying-3d-models-for-class-approval.html