ABS Unveils My Digital Fleet - A State-of-the-Art Digital Platform for Marine and Offshore Operators to Connect Their Data and Help Manage Risk

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Customizable Platform Provides Real-Time Insights to Aid Operators in Making Smarter Decisions and Achieving Better Real-Time Results


(HOUSTON) In a significant step forward for the digitalization of the maritime industry, ABS today launches ABS My Digital FleetTM.

ABS My Digital FleetTM is a breakthrough platform that provides real-time data-driven insights to improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs and help manage risks.

“Digitalization is the key enabler for asset management, sustainability and regulatory compliance strategies. Yet data silos and disparate systems have, until now, prevented owners and operators from realizing the safety and operational potential of their data. The ABS My Digital FleetTM web-based platform aggregates these data sources into one, centralized online environment and derives valuable insights by leveraging emerging technology such as artificial intelligence,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO. “ABS is leading the industry by delivering a suite of solutions that quickly facilitate improvements in daily operations and support long-term business goals through improved risk management.

“It’s fast, scalable and highly configurable to a user’s business and fleet needs. It represents the next phase of our commitment to delivering the safety, environmental and economic benefits of digitalization for the industry.”

Timely access to relevant information to support the safe and efficient operation of assets is critical in the digital era and offers a competitive edge. Vessel data typically resides in disparate systems, including third party sources, that are not integrated, thereby hampering gathering data and timely decision making. The ABS My Digital FleetTM platform addresses this challenge by fusing multiple data sources into a single visualized web application, unlocking real-time multi factor risk-based analysis capabilities. Users have the ability to be provided with an unprecedented level of visibility at the equipment, asset, and fleet level. The flexible nature of the platform allows rapid systems integration and fast-tracking delivery of a comprehensive fleet overview for better risk management among other safety and operational benefits.

Real-time alerts, an easy to understand interface and the flexibility to use it anytime and anywhere means users can see an asset’s performance in terms of regulatory compliance, fuel efficiency, structural and mechanical integrity or any other system the user chooses to integrate through the ABS My Digital FleetTM platform.

“With the right tools and solutions implemented, insights are delivered in real time through the ABS My Digital FleetTM, a configurable intelligence platform that can interface with client systems so users aren’t required to replace existing infrastructure. This makes ABS My Digital FleetTM ideal for shipowners and asset operators to maximize their investments in digital and sensor technologies,” said Kash Mahmood, ABS Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions.

To find out more about ABS My Digital FleetTM visit here.