IN THE SPOTLIGHT: ABS Discusses Subsea Mining on CMEE 2020

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China Marine Economy Expo (CMEE), hosted by Ministry of Natural Resources of the People’s Republic of China and People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and organized by Shenzhen Municipal of People’s Government, was held in Shenzhen on Oct 15 – 18. ABS was invited to exhibit and share subsea mining knowledge to support offshore industry development.

As the world makes efforts to transition to a carbon neutral and circular economy, the marine and offshore industries are both facing many urgent challenges. ABS Offshore Project Director, Andrew Lipman, spoke during the China Marine Economy Expo (CMEE) concurrent forum, “Deep Seabed Mining: The Technology and Policies to Move from Exploration to Sustainable Exploitation.” In his presentation, Lipman addressed the key technological and regulatory challenges to subsea mining and some current methodologies.

“As the world’s leading offshore classification society, ABS is also in the forefront of subsea mining. By providing standards for the equipment, systems and vessels necessary for the safe, successful and environmentally friendly extraction of the metals critical for the sustainable development of our future, ABS will partner with the organizations focused on this challenging but critical task.” Said Lipman.

ABS is committed to providing clients, partnerships, and the industry as a whole with reliable services to support safe, efficient, and sustainable operations:

  • Subsea Technology: ABS' goal is to work with the offshore industry to verify the components that will allow safe and reliable subsea development.

  • Offshore Wind: At the forefront of technology assistance to the growing floating offshore wind power industry, ABS works with designers and operators to identify risk, evaluate data-driven risk and reliability solutions for these new installations.
  • Aquaculture: ABS has been involved in serval aquaculture installation projects with consideration of the unique characteristic of the installation with regards to global performance, structure, mooring and stability.

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