IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Aries Marine and ABS complete JDP Using 3D Models to Streamline the Class Process

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ABS and Aries Marine recently completed a Joint Development Project (JDP) to use 3D Models to streamline the class process for piping systems. This was the first 3D systems review project for ABS.

The JDP focused mainly on piloting 3D-model-based plan review, exchanging design data, and tailoring the process to Aries Marine’s modeling practices. Pushing the boundaries, this JDP incorporated a combination of 3D CAD models and 3D laser scans to represent a retrofit design.

“Together, ABS and Aries Marine are designing the next generation of classification,” said Dan Cronin, ABS vice president, Standards and Digital Class. “We are exploring how to move beyond paper-based models for review into a digital future which not only offers a streamlined process but enhanced safety for the industry. This project was important as we confirmed the 3D process can work for piping systems.”

Aries Managing Director, Design & Offshore Engineering, Gireesh Menon commented: “We believe that digitalization should be the priority for commercial buoyancy in the future shipping industry. Implementing digitalization techniques right from the designing stage, enables the ship owner to harness the full power of advanced data analytics techniques throughout the ship’s life, in performing predictive maintenance, remote support, autonomous operation and increased reliability of the ship. ABS and Aries Marine have been at the forefront in assisting the industry in adapting to the transformation and I hope the collaboration yields many more such transformative measures.”

Advances in technology and 3D modeling techniques now enable one, end-to-end project model helping designers achieve a time savings of up to 10-25% with the elimination of 2D, paper-based drawings.

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