Jones Act Subsea Rock Installation Vessel Built to ABS Class

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Key Asset for U.S. Offshore Wind Development Also Awarded ABS SUSTAIN 2 Notation

(PHILADELPHIA) A Jones Act-compliant Subsea Rock Installation Vessel, the first such ship to enter the U.S. market, is to be built to ABS Class by Philly Shipyard, Inc. (PSI) for the Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC (GLDD).

The vessel will transport and strategically deposit loads of up to 20,000 MT of rock on the seabed, laying scour protection for offshore wind farm foundations, cables and other structures. It will be awarded the ABS SUSTAIN-2 Notation, recognizing adherence to certain UN Sustainable Development Goals related to vessel design, outfitting and layout. The ABS SUSTAIN Notations establish a pathway for sustainability certification and reporting.

ABS has been supporting the project since 2020, most recently with review of the 140.5-meter basic design. The vessel will install EPA Tier 4 engines and plug-in capability to obtain power from shore while loading. The vessel will be able to run on biofuel, which reduces the ship’s CO2 footprint and is equipped with active emissions control technology to reduce NOx emissions to a minimum. The installed battery pack will shave peak loads to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

“This will be a critical asset in the development of the U.S. offshore wind market and ABS is proud to be able to support its development. ABS is the ideal partner for a highly specialized Jones Act project such as this, not only thanks to our extensive knowledge of U.S. regulations but our deep involvement with the entire offshore wind supply chain here in the U.S., where we are headquartered, and internationally, with our global team,” said Matt Tremblay, ABS Vice President, Global Offshore.

“This contract, valued at approximately $197 million, marks a milestone for our company, the U.S. offshore wind industry and our nation,” said Lasse Petterson, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Offshore wind will play a crucial role in helping the U.S. meet its decarbonization and clean energy goals. The unique, technologically advanced vessel we are constructing is an essential step towards building the marine infrastructure required for this new industry, which holds so much promise for our nation economically and environmentally.”

“Philly Shipyard is proud to contribute to the delivery of a vessel which will be essential in achieving the nation’s ambitious offshore wind targets. It is monumental for our shipyard to win this contract for Great Lakes,” said Thomas Grunwald, Vice President and lead manager of U.S. offshore wind strategy and business development at Philly Shipyard.

The Subsea Rock Installation Vessel is the latest asset designed specifically for U.S. operations to be built to ABS Class. Charybdis, the first Jones Act-compliant WTIV is now under construction to ABS Class. The first U.S.-flagged Jones Act offshore wind farm service operation vessel (SOV) ever ordered will be built to ABS Class. These vessels will join the first ABS-classed crew transfer vessel (CTV) in the U.S., Windserve Odyssey. ABS has also issued AIPs for a series of wind support vessels from European designers.

More information on ABS Offshore Wind Services is available here.