New site Philanthropy Daily offers unique perspective on charities, nonprofits, and civil society

Seattle, WA—June 8, 2010—Today sees the launch of Philanthropy Daily (, a new website focused solely on philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. In a time of increasing government involvement and uncertainty in the philanthropic sector, Philanthropy Daily maintains a special focus on advancing the principles of civil society and philanthropic freedom. Unlike most philanthropy media outlets, it casts a skeptical eye toward efforts to bring the “mediating institutions” of public life—especially nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations—under state control.

“The American principles of philanthropic freedom that underwrite a robust civil society,” says Executive Publisher Jeff Cain, Ph.D., “do not have sufficient purchase today within the industry or among cultural elites to guarantee their survival. Philanthropy Daily supports America’s rich and independent philanthropic tradition—a tradition that is currently threatened by Washington and elsewhere.” Philanthropy Daily’s distinctive viewpoint on America’s “third sector” features:

●   a selective and intelligent aggregation news service that collects on a daily basis the best   of what is thought, said, and written in and about the charitable sector.

●  original perspectives on the philanthropic and nonprofit sector on the PD Now Blog.

●  an impressive roster of contributors, including author and former Wall Street Journal deputy Taste editor Naomi Schaefer Riley; former Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, Scott Walter; the author and decentralist proponent Bill Kauffman; senior litigation counsel for the Washington Legal Foundation, Cory Andrews; Capital Research Center’s executive vice president, Robert Huberty; and director of the Project for New Philanthropy Studies, Dr. Lenore Ealy; among others. 

Philanthropy Daily is published by American Philanthropic, LLC, a strategic consulting firm serving nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations. For more information on American Philanthropic, LLC, please visit To arrange an interview with Jeff Cain, Executive Publisher of Philanthropy Daily, please contact Doug Schneider at 302-521-7130 or

CONTACT: Doug Schneider