Clearly Defined Linear Power Level Curve Included in New MILMEGA Datasheets

Users no longer have to gamble on the power available at any given frequency

Edison, N.J. October 2015 – MILMEGA, a unit of AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions, has updated its 80RF1000 RF amplifier series datasheets to clearly show the guaranteed linear power level curve at any given frequency.

Bucking the trend of labeling a power curve on a datasheet as merely “typical”, MILMEGA has eliminated this ambiguity. A curve labeled “typical” is never clarified or guaranteed.  Will the amplifier meet the typical curve or reach only just above a guaranteed figure?

“At MILMEGA, we always have stated the minimum linear power on the front panel of our 80RF1000 series.  Now we clearly are illustrating that data in print, letting users know how much power is really available from their amplifier,” says Kevin Oliver, MILMEGA Managing Director.

Many other manufacturers’ datasheets list saturated power as the level printed on the front of the amplifier, and not guaranteed linear power.  With the creation of MILMEGA’s new 80FR1000 amplifier datasheets, users can feel confident that the power shown available to them at any given frequency will meet or exceed the line that varies with frequency.

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Power level curves defined on MILMEGA Datasheets
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Linear power level curve for any given frequency
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