New Sorensen ASD FLX DC Power Supplies Feature Modular Design and Flexible Voltage Configuration

SAN DIEGO, November 3, 2015 – AMETEK Programmable Power, the global leader in programmable AC and DC power test solutions (, introduces the Sorensen ASD FLX Series with a new modular design that allows easy access and flexible voltage assignments.

The water-cooled ASD FLX Series, which offers industry-leading power density (30 kW in a 3U form factor), can now accommodate up to three front-loading modules that can be configured for either 60V or 40V operation (other voltages coming soon) via convenient rear panel dip switches. Despite its 3U size, the ASD FLX’s light-weight chassis allows for easy one-person installation.

The new modular Sorensen ASD FLX Series provides excellent load transient response with outstanding output ripple and noise specifications. Load regulation for both voltage and current is 0.1% of full scale, and the maximum RMS noise is 40 mV. A 50% step load will recover to within 0.75% of original value within 1 ms. Programmable filter bandwidth of the output voltage, current and power monitors lets users customize the load response to their applications.

The unit’s water-cooled design makes it ideal for harsh or demanding applications with stringent air quality requirements, such as clean rooms or industrial environments that are dirty or potentially corrosive and damaging to air-cooled power supplies.

Optional advanced features of the ASD FLX also allow users to program different “fault levels,” enabling detection of output cabling, connections or load problems before they cause critical system problems. Its factory flight data recorder feature has the ability to record parameters such as voltage, current, power, load impedance, faults and input voltages, allowing the factory to easily determine “why” a user has had an unexpected outcome.

With its advanced digital monitoring and control features and flexible voltage assignment modules, combined with industry-leading power density and reliability, the Sorensen ASD FLX is the power supply of choice for stringent and high-value processes and applications.

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Sorensen ASD FLX features modular design
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Excellent load transient response
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Industry-leading power density
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