Prestolite Power Offers Updated Eclipse II HE Series Energy-Saving Industrial Battery Chargers

Ultra High-Efficiency Design Reduces Cost and Increases Flexibility

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 TROY, OH, -- AMETEK Prestolite Power, the industry leader in industrial battery charging and fleet management solutions, offers the Eclipse II HE Series, the second generation of its Eclipse II advanced high-frequency industrial battery chargers. On its introduction in 2011, AMETEK’s Eclipse II Series employed advanced IGBT high-frequency power conversion circuitry to set the industry standard for efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. 

The new HE series takes this to the next level, incorporating a series of design refinements to minimize overall energy usage throughout the charge as well as in charge maintenance and idle modes.  Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Eclipse II HE provides energy-efficient charging in one of the most compact units available.

The highly versatile Eclipse II HE is the most adaptive charging solution on the market. Its advanced high-frequency design is extremely efficient at 93%, converting AC power to usable DC power with minimum possible impact on the utility grid.  A .95 power factor minimizes AC amp draw and thereby reduces installation costs. The compact design of the Eclipse II HE requires no more space than existing industrial chargers and is available in several different cabinet configurations to best suit the needs of each user.

Both the Eclipse II HE conventional charger and Eclipse II Plus HE for opportunity and fast charging are able to recharge a fully drained lead-acid battery in eight hours or less.  The Eclipse II Plus HE opportunity charging function sustains the battery between 30% and 80% state of charge via short, opportunistic charges and is able to fully charge a battery in six hours or less. 

The unit’s intelligent monitoring system allows it to provide optimum charge with minimal temperature rise and to complete the charging cycle at the proper current regardless of the battery age, battery type or electrolyte temperature. The Eclipse II HE also features improved serviceability with easier access from the front and both sides, providing greater access to internal components, even when chargers are stacked. In addition, many of its components can be replaced in the field, including the primary board, power transformer, the inductor and control transformer among others, reducing both cost and downtime.      

            Prestolite Power offers the industry’s broadest range of industrial motive power chargers and is the only industrial battery charger provider able to custom tailor a system that combines the full range of conventional, opportunity and rapid charging solutions.

            Prestolite Power is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of $3.6 billion. For more information, contact AMETEK Prestolite Power, 66 Industry Court, Suite F, Troy, OH 45373.  Tel: (937) 440-0800. Fax: (937) 440-0840. Website:




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