Bentley Brushware has developed a new range of deluxe equestrian grooming products that feature anti-bacterial technology. Part of its popular UK grooming brand Slip-Not, the new collection makes an excellent addition to equestrian ranges and is sure to be a big seller thanks to the in-built Microban Silver Shield technology. This has been incorporated during the manufacturing process to provide continuous anti-bacterial protection by killing up to 99.99% of bacteria. Designed following extensive consumer research, this collection of equine brushware and accessories is designed to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, such as E.coli, S.aureus, P.aeruginosa and Strep-Equi, which reduces stains, odours and product deterioration.

The colourful 10 piece collections, available in burgundy or blue, features soft grip technology for easy use. This deluxe kit will appeal to riders of all ages and makes this an ideal addition to existing equestrian displays or an eye-catching standalone collection.

How it works

Microban SilverShield will not wash off­ or wear away and continuously helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Microban protection begins to work as soon as bacteria comes into contact with the bristle surface. The antibacterial technology prevents the bacteria from reproducing, so the lifecycle cannot proceed and therefore dies.

Deluxe carry bag

The new Slip-Not collection comes complete with a sturdy and durable kit bag. This accessory is sure to appeal thanks to its stylish and practical design, which benefits from multiple compartments and adjustable strap.

Dandy brush

This high quality dandy brush is an essential tool in horse care and offers the added benefit of anti-bacterial technology. The stiff and hardy bristles make this a long lasting tool that is guaranteed to be a popular line.

Flick brush

This highly effective flick brush features longer bristles, combined with a soft grip handle for effective grooming that is also comfortable for horse owners.

Bucket brush

An essential piece of kit, the Slip-Not bucket brush is a handy and versatile tool that has been designed to easily tackle mud and dirt.

Mane and tail brush

With an easy grip handle and a tough design, the Slip-Not mane and tail brush is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into the hand while being sturdy enough to tackle tangles.

Face brush

This small, lightweight brush features shorter, softer bristles for gentler areas, yet is as hard wearing as the Slip-Not dandy brush. Available in contemporary colours, it is sure to stand out from other equestrian grooming tools.

Sweat scraper

Comfortable to hold and easy to use, this sweat scraper will complement any equestrian grooming collection. The curved desgin and soft rubber edge make it easy to remove excess water and sweat.

Body brush

Specifically designed to remove dust and add shine to the horse’s coat, this body brush is an essential tool that makes light work of grooming. Featuring an adjustable and durable strap, it is suitable for hands of every size and ensures comfortable grooming.

Hoof pick

The handle of this sturdy hoof pick makes it easy to remove mud and dirt while keeping bacteria at bay. The tough design of this product makes it incredibly hard wearing while the soft grip handle makes it kind on hands.

Curry comb

Designed to mould to the hand, the Slip-Not curry comb is easy to use and easy to clean, making it a useful addition to equestrian kits, while also reducing the growth of harmful bacteria.

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