Blood Donor Dog of the Year in Sweden Revealed

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For the second year in a row, AniCura’s animal hospitals around Sweden have nominated hero dogs to become Blood Donor Dog of the Year 2021. During the International Blood Donor Day, the competition's initiator, AniCura, revealed that this year's winner is eight-year-old German Shepherd named Cobra. During her seven active years as a blood donor, Cobra has helped to save the lives of her four-legged friends 19 times.

AniCura is a European family of well-known and carefully selected animal hospitals and clinics specialized in veterinary care for companion animals. Today AniCura presents the winner of the Blood Donor Dog of the Year 2021 in Sweden.

This year's winner is an eight-year-old German Shepherd named Cobra. She has helped to save the lives of her four-legged friends 19 times and made her first blood donation when she was only one year and two months old. Cobra's blood has been used on at least 15 occasions (excluding plasma) and she has been rushed to animal hospitals twice during emergencies to provide blood.

Cobra is a very calm dog and always “sings” during the process. She is playful and a hard-working dog, who has competed in search, tracking and obedience. Cobra's owner has now bought a new dog, which she plans to become a blood donor as well.

Low awareness about blood donor dogs

A blood transfusion is as vital, for an injured or acutely ill dog, as it is for a human. Unfortunately, only 28% in Sweden are aware of this. But also, the fact that dogs can become a blood donor and save another dog’s life. This according to a newly conducted survey done on behalf of AniCura by YouGov, a global public opinion and market research company.

- To create awareness and inform about the ever-growing need of blood donor dogs, AniCura initiated the now annual Blood Donor Dog of the Year award in Sweden. This is a great opportunity to pay tribute to all hero dogs. They provide the basics for advanced veterinary care and ultimately helps our veterinarians to save a beloved dog’s life and create a better world for pets. This year’s winner is a true hero, says Azita Shariati, Group CEO for AniCura.

This year´s winner has been chosen by a jury consisting of: Sandra Douglas, Chief Veterinarian at AniCura Helena Skarp, head of breeding and health at the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK), Tove Särkinen, veterinarian, editorial & communication manager at the Swedish Veterinary Association (SVF) and Kenth Svartberg, educator and researcher in ethology. The motivation for this year´s winner was:

“Being the blood donor dog that has donated blood for the longest and most times, you are a given winner. By your contribution, we have been able to save the ​​lives of many and your efforts are invaluable. You are approaching a well-deserved retirement age and we want to celebrate you for your long and faithful commitment. You are our hero dog, Cobra.”

- It was a tough competition, and we had several strong candidates. But Cobra's long service with 19 blood donations so far, was just a result that we couldn´t ignore. She will also soon retire, which makes it extra fun to be able to pay tribute to her. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of Cobra, and all blood donor dogs, we can perform advanced veterinary care and save more lives, says Sandra Douglas, jury chairman and chief veterinarian at AniCura.

About Blood Donor Dog of the Year

Blood Donor Dog of the Year is an initiative by AniCura Sweden, with the purpose to create attention to the fact that dogs can donate blood and save another dog’s life. But also, to inspire other dog owners to volunteer their dog.

About the survey

The survey was conducted by the global opinion and market research company YouGov on behalf of AniCura. During the period 26 April - 2 May 2021, a total of 2007 interviews online, were conducted with men and women aged 18 and older in Sweden, of which 828 owned cats and / or dogs. Data was weighed based on the criteria gender, age and region on the basis of a model from Statistics Sweden, so that the result is representative of the population in relation to the total number of people who participated in the survey.

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