Epigenetics Support Pack from Metabolics

The Epigenetic Support Pack, produced in the UK by Metabolics, is a range of four supplements, available in capsule form, designed to promote healthy expression of genes.

Epigenetics has a profound effect on the genes that control our lives. Scientists once believed that genes were fixed from the moment of conception. Epigenetics however, describes how our genetic code is altered by our environment. A significant area of this is the effect of diet on DNA.

DNA is wrapped tightly around proteins called histones, preventing them from being expressed. When chemical tags attach themselves to the tails of these histones, there are two principle ways that DNA can be affected:

Methylation of histone 3 (H3) - in which CH3 attaches to the tail of histone 3, preventing gene expression

Acetylation of H4 - in which carbon hydrogen and oxygen attach to the tail of histone 4 and loosen the histone, allowing the expression of the DNA

Phosphorylation of histone H2B

The Metabolics Epigenetic Support Pack comprises components which have been shown to have positive epigenetic and antioxidant effects. The range includes:

Metabolics Acetyl L Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid

Acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid have been shown to reduce damage to mitochondria, the part of a cell which produces energy and is thought to be compromised in aging. Research findings published in the US journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), in 2002 describes how aged rats were given oral acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid. As well as reducing mitochondrial aging in the rats’ brains, the supplementation reversed the already present signs of aging. Reviewing these findings, scientists at Oregon State University suggested that acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid could also provide protection and reverse age-related changes in the heart. They also stated that acetyl-L-carnitine and lipoic acid are most effective when used together.

Research into the effect of acetyl L carnitine in humans is also promising. In a study in Italy among 481 people, acetyl L carnitine significantly reduced signs of dementia, including memory loss, depression and mental decline. The effects were maintained 30 days after the treatment was stopped.

Each capsule of Metabolics Acetyl L Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid contains:

Acetyl L carnitine - 250mg

Alpha lipoic acid - 250mg

Metabolics Acetyl L Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid is available online at £60.53 per 60 capsule pot.

Metabolics Epigenetics Formula

The main ingredients in this supplement are:

  • Green tea Green Tea contains various phenolic compounds, one of the most important of which is EGCG (epigallocatechins). The University of South Carolina and the State University of New Jersey have both found green tea to have a direct inhibiting effect on methyltransferase enzyme (DNMT).
  • Turmeric (95% curcumin) Research shows that curcumin can be an epigenetic modulator in a number of ways. Firstly, it has been shown to be an HDAC inhibitor (histone deacetylase enzyme). This means that it stops the acetyl group from having any action on the histone tail. The acetyl group on the histone tail loosens the histone and allows the DNA to be expressed. Turmeric deactivates the acetyl group, preventing gene expression.

    Secondly, turmeric is a HAT (histone acetyltransferase) inhibitor. HAT is an enzyme that transfers an acetyl group to the histone tail. Turmeric inhibits this enzyme and stops acetylation, keeping the histone tightly bound.

    Thirdly, turmeric inhibits the DNMT enzyme. This means that it stops the enzyme from copying the undesirable gene that that may be trying to be expressed.
  • Olive leaf extract (20% oleuropein) Olive leaf has many beneficial effects. It has a high antioxidant capacity and antiviral, antiparasitic and antifungal properties. A study conducted in Switzerland concluded that olive leaf extract reduced blood pressure and LDL (low density lipoprotein). Olive leaf extract works optimally when combined with other antioxidants.

Metabolics Epigenetics Formula is available online at £26.40 per 60 capsule pot.

Metabolics Nutrimax

Metabolics Nutrimax is a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. It contains nutrients known to affect genetic expression and protect against lipid peroxidation in dosages and forms safe for long term usage.

Folate, Vitamin B12 and choline have been shown to affect DNA methylation and histone methylation. Folate has been shown to affect DNA methylation in foetal development, aging and immune function.

Vitamin B12 is presented as methylcobalamin in Nutrimax in high dosage as, when taken orally it can be poorly absorbed, particularly by people over 50. In some cases, a dosage of 1000mcg of vitamin B12 can deliver as little as 2mcg to the gut.

The University of North Carolina (UNC) has demonstrated that choline affects DNA methylation in foetal development and neurocognition. It has many functions in the body and can help prevent fatty deposits in the liver. UNC found that choline deficiency increased DNA damage and lymphocyte apoptosis in humans.

Biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid also play important roles in histone modification.

Pantothenic acid is required to form acetyl-CoA, which is the source of an acetyl group in histone acetylation. The powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin has also been included in Nutrimax as well as other carotinoids, zeaxanthin, lutein and beta carotene.

Vitamin A is omitted in favour of beta carotene to avoid the possibility of Vitamin A accumulation in the liver. The levels of Vitamin C and E are adjusted for optimum balance of antioxidants. Vitamin E can, in certain situations, become a pro oxidant with damaging consequences. Astaxanthin can stabilise the pro oxidant form of Vitamin E and cross the blood brain barrier.

Vitamin D3 helps the absorption of calcium and contributes to normal blood calcium levels. It also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, supports the body's healthy anti-inflammatory response and is required for normal muscle operation.

As in all Metabolics formulations, Vitamin D3 is accompanied by Vitamin K2 which directs the calcium to the bones. There is increasing evidence that without Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 can produce unwanted side effects such as calcification of the coronary arteries. Circulating Vitamin K2 is said to prevent this and maintain normal blood flow without platelet stickiness.

Iodine is restricted to 75mcg as long term exposure could lead to thyroid problems. Magnesium in bioavailable form has been included along with calcium, which is synergistic with Vitamin D3 and K2.

Zinc is accompanied by copper in the optimal ratio of 15:1 to prevent copper deficiency.

Selenium, in the form of selenium methionine has been restricted to 50mcg, while minimal doses of chromium are included to minimise risk of toxicity.

Metabolics Nutrimax is available online at £34.00 per 180 capsule pot.

Metabolics Krill Oil

Metabolics Krill Oil helps to protect against free radicals and lipid peroxidation by boosting and balancing the levels of omega 3, 6 and 9 in the body. The omega 3 in krill oil provides essential EPA and DHA which are bound to phospholipids rather than fatty acids, as is the case with omega 3 in fish. This can boost absorption capability by up to 15 times, making the omega 3 highly bioavailable, particularly to the brain where DHA is extremely important.

Krill are tiny, shrimp-like crustaceans that breed in pure uncontaminated deep sea waters, free from mercury and other heavy metals and toxins. Their diet, which consists mainly of algae, provides krill oil with its natural astaxanthin content. Less than 0.03% of krill are harvested, making them the most abundant and under exploited marine biomass. 

Metabolics’ Krill Oil is available online at £26.40 per 60 capsule pot.

Founded in 1993, Metabolics supplies nutritional supplements to a global client base of practitioners in a wide range of healthcare disciplines. The company has distributors in Europe, Asia and Australia and receives regular orders from 22 countries including Russia and the USA.

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Formed in 1993, Metabolics is the UK’s premium quality supplement manufacturer. Popular in the UK, US, Ireland and across Europe, Metabolics also has distributors in Greece, Singapore and Australia. In total, the company receives regular orders from over 20 countries around the world.

Unlike many suppliers who bottle and market products manufactured overseas, Metabolics manufactures its supplements at itsUKfacility which was upgraded in 2011 to comprise state-of-the-art pharmaceutical clean room equipment.

Metabolics is one of very few manufacturers in the world that does not use binders, hidden fillers or flowing agents (machine lubricants) such as magnesium stearate during their production processes. Although these allow manufacturers to produce a low cost product, Metabolics believes that they compromise the quality of the supplement. Similarly, Metabolics only uses the best possible ingredients.

Manufacturing in theUKenables Metabolics to control and maintain their quality standards. The company is a comparatively small-volume manufacturer that manufactures on demand rather than producing large quantities of stock. This means that, as scientific knowledge of nutrition evolves, Metabolics can respond quickly with new product ranges.  This allows them to maintain their commitment to producing products which best reflect the latest scientific research.

Owned and run by original founder, Alison Astill-Smith, Metabolics has a dedicated workforce and enjoys a very low turnover of staff.  The company has ISO:9001 as well as ISO:14001 accreditation.  These standards recognise Metabolics’ quality management system and commitment to a pro-active environmental policy.

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