Resounding success for Metabolics Limited on Cutting Edge Seminar

Metabolics, the UK’s premium quality supplement manufacturer, hosted a seminar which featured noted experts in the field of nutrition and diet supplementation.

The seminar took place at the Royal College of Physicians in London, which brought delegates up to date with the very latest thinking in the areas of Epigenetics and the properties of Vitamin D3/K2 and Calcium. There was also practical advice on how to benefit from these insights, provided from a clinician’s viewpoint.

Speakers at the Metabolics seminar included Dr William Davey LVO, MD, LRCP, FFHOM, AKC and Dr Michael Holick PhD, MD.

Dr Davey has seven medical degrees, over 30 years experience as one of London’s premiere GPs and a professional interest in health and nutrition.

He offered an introduction into Epigenetics. Dr. Davey delivered two presentations throughout the day. These fascinating presentations explored Dr Davey’s concept of a “gene lifestyle” and the roles played by diet, stress management, exercise and supplementation.

Throughout the seminar, Dr Davey strongly recommended the Mediterranean diet and the importance of the inclusion of Choline - a water-soluble essential nutrient.

While talking about exercise, he talks about it being a fundamental principal of Epigenetics, as this can influence your body and brain in very beneficial ways.

Stress is another principle. If Cortisol remains in an elevated state, Epigenetic changes can occur. Dr Davey demonstrated stress management techniques through stretching, meditation, breathing, progressive muscular relaxation, autohypnosis and imagery techniques.

Dr Michael Holick PhD, MD. Known across the USA and Europe for his research into Vitamin D and Calcium, Dr Holick is considered one of the world's foremost experts. He presented two papers exploring the importance of Vitamin D as a factor in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, depression and other disorders.

The connection between Calcium, Vitamin D and Osteoporosis was explored with supporting studies on bone strength and skeletal disorders.

Vitamin D3 is required for absorption of calcium from the gut, regulation of calcium levels in the blood and regulation of over 2,000 genes. Vitamin K2 is required to modify proteins that deposit calcium to the bones, directing the circulating calcium into the bones and teeth while preventing calcium deposits in the arteries.

Clinical trials conducted at Keio University School of Medicine, Japan demonstrated that Vitamin D3/K2 combination supplementation is more effective in preventing bone loss than either Vitamin alone. In one study, osteoporotic postmenopausal women were given a D3/K2 combination. Bone density among these woman increased by 4.92% compared to 0.13% in those receiving Vitamin K2 only.

Metabolics Vitamins D3/K2 is available online at £20.24 per 60 capsule pot and £29.94 per 120 capsule pot 

Each capsule of Metabolics Vitamin D3 & K2 contains:

Cellulose - 80 mg

Vitamin K2 (menaquinone 7) - 25 mg

Vitamin D3 – 1000 i.u

Founded in 1993, Metabolics supplies nutritional supplements to a global client base of practitioners in a wide range of healthcare disciplines. Popular in the UK, US, Ireland and across Europe, Metabolics also has distributors in Greece, Singapore and Australia. In total, the company receives regular orders from over 20 countries around the world.


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Formed in 1993, Metabolics is the UK’s premium quality supplement manufacturer. Popular in the UK, US, Ireland and across Europe, Metabolics also has distributors in Greece, Singapore and Australia. In total, the company receives regular orders from over 20 countries around the world.

Unlike many suppliers who bottle and market products manufactured overseas, Metabolics manufactures its supplements at itsUKfacility which was upgraded in 2011 to comprise state-of-the-art pharmaceutical clean room equipment.

Metabolics is one of very few manufacturers in the world that does not use binders, hidden fillers or flowing agents (machine lubricants) such as magnesium stearate during their production processes. Although these allow manufacturers to produce a low cost product, Metabolics believes that they compromise the quality of the supplement. Similarly, Metabolics only uses the best possible ingredients.

Manufacturing in theUKenables Metabolics to control and maintain their quality standards. The company is a comparatively small-volume manufacturer that manufactures on demand rather than producing large quantities of stock. This means that, as scientific knowledge of nutrition evolves, Metabolics can respond quickly with new product ranges.  This allows them to maintain their commitment to producing products which best reflect the latest scientific research.

Owned and run by original founder, Alison Astill-Smith, Metabolics has a dedicated workforce and enjoys a very low turnover of staff.  The company has ISO:9001 as well as ISO:14001 accreditation.  These standards recognise Metabolics’ quality management system and commitment to a pro-active environmental policy.

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