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  • Anoto and Chiahui Technologies launch digital paper-based services enabling Anoto functionality in Taiwan

Anoto and Chiahui Technologies launch digital paper-based services enabling Anoto functionality in Taiwan

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Anoto lands Asian order Anoto and Chiahui Technologies launch digital paper-based services enabling Anoto functionality in Taiwan Chiahui Technologies is one of the first companies in Asia to offer pen and paper-based services enabling Anoto functionality to enterprises and consumers. Initial services, ranging from graphical email, fax and storing digital notes to customised digital forms solutions for enterprises, will be launched in Q4 2002. "The initial target group is enterprises, as services such as real time transmission of email and customised forms solutions so clearly demonstrate the benefits, thereby helping to create competitive advantages. However, we are convinced that industries and consumers will demand Anoto enabled services to be able to, by using a digital pen, order insurances, flowers from a magazine, send digital post cards, apply for credit cards directly from the form or storing student study notes and more," says Perry Chyau, president of Chiahui Technologies. Together with Chiahui Technologies Anoto presents, for the first time ever, a so-called "hosting solution", providing a distributor like Chiahui with the opportunity to offer services enabling Anoto functionality, while Anoto operates the infrastructure. "The new service package broadens our offering. Also distributors and services providers will have the opportunity to introduce the Anoto functionality, thereby providing these services to mobile phone users via several operators in one country. Chiahui has excellent contacts with all Taiwanese operators and will be offering Anoto enabled services to all these," says Christer Fåhraeus, CEO, Anoto Group AB. The revenue model used in collaboration with Chiahui is based on sharing the revenues generated by these services, whereby Anoto is providing infrastructure and some basic services. "This collaboration is our major breakthrough in South East Asia and with Chiahui, paper-based solutions will be a success with enterprises as well as consumers in Taiwan. The interest in Anoto functionality is particularly keen in Asia as pen and paper-based solutions will be entirely in line with the Asian culture where language is conveyed as pictures, which may now be communicated as an email or fax directly from the paper," continues Christer Fåhraeus. The Sony Ericssons Chatpen, the first digital pen with Anoto functionality and matching paper-based services, will be demonstrated at Taipei Telecom 2002, August 23 - 26. För mer information kontakta Christer Fåhraeus Brad Tu Charlotte Laveson VD Marknadschef Informationschef Anoto Group AB Chiahui Technologies Anoto Group AB +46 733 45 12 05 +886 22343 5688 ext.513 +46 733 478 620 CHIAHUI TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Chiahui Technology Corp, one of the subsidiaries within Chiahui Group with a total revenue of 500 million US dollars and 1300 employees, is the leader in not just next generation e-learning but telecommunication technology in Taiwan. We provide e-learning consultancy, training and support to banks, security companies and mutual funds companies through the latest web-based training techniques and leading-edge multimedia to deliver breakthrough e-learning and knowledge management solutions for companies and academia. And we are the largest company on web-based multimedia and courseware production in Taiwan. We are the partner of LOMA in Greater China. 95 percent of the insurance companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China are LOMA's member companies. We provide FLMI, ACS, PCS and more professional certification; besides, we also offer synchronizing and asynchronous educational courses, workshops, seminars and conferences. ANOTO GROUP AB är ett svenskt, högteknologiskt företag med unika lösningar för överföring av handskrift från papper till digitala media, inläsning av tryckt text samt intelligent kameraövervakning. Samtliga produkter och tjänster bygger på digital kamerateknik och bildbehandling i realtid. I dag arbetar Anoto Group med tre varumärken: Anoto®- en totallösning med pappers-, penn- och serverteknologi som kopplar samman skrivpapper med den digitala världen, C-Pen® - en läspenna som kan lagra, översätta och skicka tryckt text, samt WeSpot(TM) - en hård- och mjukvaruplattform för intelligent kameraövervakning. Anoto Group har drygt 300 anställda, kontor i Lund (huvudkontor), Stockholm, Boston, Tokyo och Hong Kong. Större ägare är Ericsson, Capital Group och grundaren Christer Fåhraeus. Anoto Group aktie är noterad på Stockholmsbörsens O-lista Attract 40 under tickern ANOT. För mer information: www.anotogroup.com ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/08/19/20020819BIT00700/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/08/19/20020819BIT00700/wkr0002.pdf