C Technologies subsidiary, Anoto, and Sonera study possibilities for co-operation

C Technologies' subsidiary, Anoto, and Sonera study possibilities for co- operation Anoto and Sonera will together evaluate services with the aim of integrating these into the Sonera product portfolio and offers to subscribers. If the parties enter into a closer co-operation the revenue model will be based on a division of the revenue from the services whereby Anoto is providing the infrastructure together with some basic services and Sonera will investigate the possibility of developing and expanding the services further. "This combination - paper, pen, and mobile services - is a very interesting concept, with very extensive application potential in today's, and in the third generation's, mobile network", says Jari Mielonen, CTO, Sonera. "We are very pleased to be able to study possibilities for co-operation with Sonera, as they are one of the leading operators with a new approach. They are also well positioned to handle those services necessary to make the third generation mobile network a success", says Christer Fåhraeus, CEO, Anoto AB. The initial collaboration is strategically very important for Anoto, as it is the first time an agreement has been entered into with an operator who deals with end customers. Anoto's concept of digital, paper-based services is built on three cornerstones: paper bearing Anoto's pattern, digital pens with Bluetooth communication, and services that are offered to customers through a mobile operator. Anoto has previously initiated a number of joint ventures with partners in the paper and pen field. A collaborative agreement with Ericsson Microsoft Mobile Venture was also published recently. Their MOSOtm platform, intended for operators, will have integrated Anoto functionality. For further information please contact: Christer Jari Mielonen Birgitta Plyhm Fåhraeus CEO CTO Information Director Anoto AB Sonera C Technologies Corporation AB +46 733-45 +358 20 40 63 +46 702 07 36 12 05 428 32 Sonera Corporation (HEX:SRA, NASDAQ:SNRA) is an international forerunner in mobile communications and mobile-based services and applications. By combining its expertise in mobile communications, the internet and service provision, Sonera aims to develop into a global communications operator and provider of transaction and content services. The company also provides advanced data communications solutions to businesses, and fixed network voice services in Finland and its nearby areas. In 2000, Sonera's revenues amounted to eur 2.05 billion, and profit before extraordinary items and taxes was eur 1.86 billion. Sonera employs more than 11,200 people. www.sonera.com Anoto AB was founded in Lund, Sweden in late 1999 as a subsidiary of C Technologies AB, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list (Attract 40). The company currently has about one hundred employees working in offices in Lund, Stockholm, Boston, and Tokyo. Ericsson holds an important minority stake in Anoto and is also represented on the board. Anoto AB focuses on research and development as well as marketing for the various aspects of Anoto TM technology and in creating a de facto standard for digital paper. Anoto TM technology comprises a combination of a so- called intelligent pen, proprietary patterns, advanced image processing, Bluetooth wireless technology and an information infrastructure. Hand- written notes can be stored, graphic e-mails sent, and electronic orders placed using nothing other than a pen and paper. Users can communicate with anyone who has a cellphone, PC, hand-held computer or PDA. www.anoto.com C Technologies AB (publ) is a young, Swedish IT-company with cutting-edge expertise within the fields of digital camera technology, image processing, and digital pens. The Company's primary product is the C-Pen scanning pen, which has received several important international awards for best IT product. The C-Pen scans, stores, processes, and wirelessly transmits text to a PC. The pen can also translate, send e-mail, SMS and facsimiles as well as read barcodes. Today, the C Technologies Group with its head office in Lund, Sweden, employs about 200 people. Major shareholders include Company founder Christer Fåhraeus, State Street Bank, Ericsson Mobile Communications and, SEB Fonder. C Technologies is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list (Attract 40). www.ctechnologies.se; www.cpen.com ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/02/14/20010214BIT00710/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/02/14/20010214BIT00710/bit0001.pdf

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Anoto Group is the company behind and world leading in the unique technology for digital pen and paper, which enables fast and reliable transmission of handwritten text into a digital format. Anoto operates through a global partner network that focuses on user-friendly forms solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storage of data within different business segments, e.g. healthcare, bank and finance, transport and logistics and education. The Anoto Group has around 110 employees, offices in Lund (head office), Boston and Tokyo. .Among the major shareholders are Norden Technology A/S, Robur and SEB. The Anoto share is traded on the Small Cap list of the OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm under the ticker ANOT. For more information: www.anoto.com