Apetit joins as a shareholder of the development company Foodwest

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Apetit joins as a shareholder of the development company Foodwest

Apetit Plc, Investor News, 20 June 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

Apetit Plc has participated in a share issue of Foodwest Ltd, a food business development company, carried out in May-June 2018, and has subscribed 18.4 percent of the shares. Foodwest expanded its ownership base to enable the implementation of the planned factory investment and, consequently, to be able to provide its customers more versatile services. After the share issue Foodwest's main owners are Apetit, Atria, Valio and the City of Seinäjoki.

"The shareholding in Foodwest supports Apetit's strategic goals of investing in research and development, renewing and showing direction for vegetable-based eating. At Foodwest we have number of R&D specialists alongside our own resources. Also, we have an opportunity to produce selected products through Foodwest and, therefore, the new plant investment is in our interest," says CEO Juha Vanhainen.

Foodwest offers its services to food business operators in consumer understanding, product development and commercialization. Distribution and contract manufacturing are also part of Foodwest's service package.

"Eating trends have been changed dramatically and, for example, the increasing popularity of vegetable-based diet is evident globally. Apetit is number one in vegetables in Finland, but one of our goals is to increase international food trade. We must continuously be able to provide modern and interesting products created for certain markets in Finland and internationally. Our shareholding in Foodwest increases our agility to respond to consumer needs," says Vanhainen.

Foodwest employs 30 people and has offices in Seinäjoki, Tampere and Helsinki. The new factory investment is planned to be completed at the end of 2019 in Seinäjoki.

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