Change of Apetit Plc’s CEO

Apetit Plc’s Board of Directors has on this date relieved CEO Matti Karppinen of his duties. Having served the Apetit Group since September 2005, Karppinen will leave his position today, 29 April 2014.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aappo Kontu:  “The Board sees that success in the on-going restructuring of Apetit business model and organization, as well the solving the profitability challenges in certain Food Business product categories call for a new kind of leadership. Therefore, we have decided to relieve Matti Karppinen of his duties and initiate the search for a new CEO. 

We thank Matti Karppinen for his long-term contribution and commitment to Apetit Group and the development of it’s businesses in many areas.”  

The Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors M.Sc.(Agric.), eMBA Veijo Meriläinen will act as interim CEO of Apetit Group until a successor has been appointed.


Board of Directors



Additional Information:
Chairman of the Board, Aappo Kontu, tel. +358 44 4252 210



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