Changes in Apetit Plc's Management Team

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Apetit Plc, Stock Exchange Release 13.9.2019 at 09:30 a.m.

As part of the business reorganization, Apetit Plc is renewing its management system and management team structure. The following appointments in the Corporate Management Team will take effect as of 23 September, 2019.

Ari Kulmala has been appointed Production Director and is responsible for the Säkylä and Pudasjärvi plants. Kulmala will transfer to the position from A-Rehu Oy where he has held the position Director, Production and Operations Management.

Timo Partola has been appointed Commercial Director and is responsible for sales, marketing and product development. Partola has previously worked as Marketing Director for Findus Finland Oy and Marketing Manager at Olvi Plc.

Sanna Väisänen has been appointed Director, Corporate Communications and Sustainability and is responsible for communications, sustainability and investor relations. Väisänen has previously held the position Director, Communications, Marketing and Investor Relations at Apetit.

Anu Ora will focus on managing the Oilseed Products business and business development. Ora has previously been responsible for the Food Solutions business as well as the Oilseed Products business. In the future, CEO Esa Mäki will be in charge of the Food Solutions business.

CFO Tero Heikkinen is temporarily responsible for managing the Grain Trading business during Antti Snellman's temporary absence.

The other roles and responsibilities of the Management Team members remain unchanged. All members of the Management Team report to CEO Esa Mäki.

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