Apotek Hjärtats expands e-commerce warehouse

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To meet the increasing demand in e-commerce, Apotek Hjärtat is moving its e-commerce warehouse to larger premises in Norrköping. The move enables a continued expansion and development of an omnichannel offering that includes pharmacies, the e-pharmacy and ICA's e-commerce.

In recent years, Apotek Hjärtat has seen a sharp increase in e-commerce of medicines and other pharmacy products, which has required it to be able to quickly expand its operations and to streamline and optimize inventory management. Apotek Hjärtat's new warehouse enables continued expansion and development of the e-commerce offering, as well as increasing delivery capacity.

“The new premises will help us to further strengthen our offer to customers and creates room for further growth. We will invest in a modern and pleasant working environment, to ensure that we are an attractive employer in the local area. We also invest heavily in automation and smart logistics to optimize our capacity and to be able to meet our customers’ expectations”, says Eric Lundberg, CEO of Apotek Hjärtat.

The new e-commerce warehouse is located in Ingelsta, Norrköping, in proximity to the warehouse that supplies Apotek Hjärtat’s physical pharmacies with goods. The lease agreement with the real estate company Catena covers a storage area of about 13,000 square metres, including an option for additional space. In total, Apotek Hjärtat will invest about SEK 70 million during 2022 and an additional about SEK 80 million until 2029 in the new warehouse.

“I was happy to announce today that we will continue to develop our business here in Norrköping. This means that we get to continue to build on our fantastic teams and our employees skills. We are growing fast and will also need to recruit many new colleagues in the coming years”, says Lina Äse, head of logistics and pharmacy at Apotek Hjärtat.  

Work will begin on refurbishing the premises this fall. The new warehouse will have the same standard as other modern warehouses within the ICA Group, both in terms of work environment and automation. The move to the new warehouse is expected to be completed in the summer of 2022.

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