‘Warmth Warriors’ turn the heat up on energy efficiency in Luton

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Luton residents are being urged to become more energy-savvy as part of a national ‘Warmth Warrior’ campaign launched by leading off grid fuel supplier, AvantiGas.

With one of the most disruptive winters currently taking hold of the country, the AvantiGas ‘Warmth Warriors’ are armed with newly-launched Energy Efficiency Guides offering advice and top tips for being smart about energy usage, whilst still keeping warm this winter.

The company is despatching its ‘Warmth Warrior’ team throughout the Luton area to personally visit, support and inform residents and those living off the mains gas supply on managing their energy more efficiently.

Ben Randle, the AvantiGas Domestic Sales Representative for Luton and local Warmth Warrior, said: “We are here to help the community and its residents understand how they can make the most of their energy – how to use less of it and make the energy they do need work harder for them.

“There are some really simple steps that everyone can take throughout each room in the house to be more energy efficient. From using the correct thickness of insulation in the loft to simply closing curtains to reduce heat escaping through windows, everyone can make small changes, which make a big difference.”

Ben added: “With recent flooding throughout the country and colder weather hitting Bedfordshire this month we’re also urging those off mains gas to ensure vital equipment is not damaged by surface water and ice which can affect supply to the house. It is essential that Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) users take every precaution possible to counter the adverse weather conditions we’re experiencing this year.”

He continued: “Our overall aim over the coming months is to inform, reassure and advise rural and semi-rural homeowners on their energy options and our new Energy Efficiency Guide is the first step in a programme of energy efficiency initiatives we will be launching over the next year.”

Ben added: “As one of the leading suppliers of LPG to remote locations and businesses in the UK, smarter energy usage is the ultimate goal for the AvantiGas Warmth Warriors and we’re looking forward to supporting and sustaining Luton residents this winter.”

Anyone looking for tips on fuel efficiency can simply call or visit the website for instant answers and advice. The free energy efficiency pack can also be downloaded without charge from the AvantiGas website.

Download the free energy efficiency pack at avantigas.com or for further details email enquiries@avantigas.com or telephone 0808 208 0000 to speak to an advisor.


Caption: Luton’s AvantiGas ‘Warmth Warriors’ who have been deployed to advise, support and inform local residents. From left, domestic sales representative Ben Randle, engineer Dave Glossop and customer advisor Alison Strickland.

Avanti Gas Warmth Warriors tips for reigning in energy usage this winter

  1. 1.     Use your head - Switch your regular shower head for a water-saving one and you’ll use around 40% less water and energy.

  1. 2.     Little change, big difference - Turn down your thermostat by just 1°C and you could knock up to 10% off your heating bills.

  2. 3.     Keep a lid on it - Cooking without lids on your pans uses three times as much energy, so keep a lid on them.

  1. 4.     Give radiators a boost - Put silver foil behind your radiator to reflect heat back into your rooms.

  1. 5.     Light bulb moment - Swap to low energy bulbs which use 80% less electricity than traditional ones and last longer too.

  1. 6.     Switch off, don’t standby - Turn off your appliances instead of leaving them on standby and save around £90 a year.

  1. 7.     Keep the draughts out - Check your doors and windows for draughts and fit draught-proof strips if you need to.

  1. 8.     Stick with the A-team -Look for A-rated appliances or ones with the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label.

  1. 9.     Wrap up your loft - Stop heat escaping through your roof with insulation which is at least 270mm thick. 

  1. 10.  Boilers need love too - Keep your boiler in tip-top condition and your heating working like clockwork by getting it checked regularly by a professional.

Notes to editors:

LPG from AvantiGas provides a reliable and cleaner burning fuel for the domestic and commercial market. It is an ideal solution for homes and businesses outside mains gas areas, as it provides the same benefits.

AvantiGas is part of an international organisation renowned for excellence in the production of fuels as well as global distribution. AvantiGas is one of the leading suppliers of LPG, using global expertise to offer customers professional, local solutions.

AvantiRenewables is a UK-based single-supplier of multi-fuel energy solutions aimed at businesses looking for greener fuel solutions.  It is a partnership business between AvantiGas, national supplier of LPG, and Duncan Renewables, award-winning experts in the provision of renewable energy technologies.  AvantiRenewables provides customers with flexible and tailored lower carbon fuel choices. One of its first offerings uses biomass technology to deliver heating and hot water for businesses.

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