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Aptahem enters consortium together with Örebro University, AnaMar AB and Dalhousie University

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Aptahem (publ) today announced that the company now enters a consortium together with Örebro University, the pharmaceutical development company AnaMar and Dalhousie University in Canada. The newly established consortium aims to evaluate new strategies to reduce inflammation, thrombosis and fibrosis in cardiovascular disease.

The joint research project, titled Novel Strategies to Reduce Inflammation, Thrombosis and Fibrosis in Cardiovascular Disease, has obtained financing from the Swedish KK-foundation and will run over a two-year period with start in January 2020. Aptahem will primarily provide the project with its aptamer-based drug candidate and contribute with expertise competence with Dr. Luiza Jedlina as scientific advisor on aptamer-based inhibition of inflammation and thrombosis.

Luiza Jedlina, Chief Scientific Officer at Aptahem, comments: “We are very proud to be part of such a comprehensive research collaboration. We have here an excellent chance to validate our research on Apta-1 and show its great potential in an area outside of sepsis. We also see this as a significant opportunity to increase our presence and strengthen our position in the scientific community, nationally as well as internationally."

“It is great for Dr. Geena Paramel and the Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC) at Örebro University that, through the grant from the KK-foundation, she will have the opportunity, together with Aptahem, to investigate whether aptamers can affect both the inflammatory process in the blood vessel and the ability of platelets to aggregate. The collaboration with Aptahem is very valuable to us and also opens up opportunities for new joint future collaborative projects, ”said Karin Franzén, associate professor of Biomedicine at Örebro University.

Results and updates from the research collaboration will be communicated to the market to the extent possible.

More information via Örebro University, in Swedish: https://www.oru.se/nyheter/forskning-om-ny-behandling-av-hjart-och-karlsjukdomar/ 

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About Aptahem
Aptahem AB (APTA) is a biotechnology company that develops aptamer-based pharmaceuticals for the treatment of life-threatening conditions in which a combination of coagulation and inflammation are involved. The company’s primary pharmaceutical candidate, Apta-1, is being developed with the aim of preventing the high mortality rate caused by organ and tissue damage in sepsis patients, among others. The company possesses patent protection in strategic target markets and actively seeks business development opportunities with potential collaborators.



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